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A US Forest Service law enforcement officer in a camo coat and watch cap looks through binoculars.Uniformed Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) enforce Federal laws and regulations governing National Forest System (NFS) lands and resources. As part of that mission LEOs are authorized to carry firearms and other defensive equipment, issue citations, make arrests, execute search warrants, complete reports and testify in court. They establish a regular and recurring presence on a vast amount of public lands, roads, and recreation sites. The regulations LEOs enforce include 36 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Parts 242 and 261, as well as Titles 18 and 21 of the U.S. Code. 36 CFR part 242 refers specifically to subsistence hunting and fishing regulations and is only applicable to Federal land in Alaska. 36 CFR part 261 refers to regulations that apply to all NFS lands nationwide. The primary focus of their jobs is the protection of natural resources, protection of Forest Service employees and the protection of visitors. What follows is a list of the different aspects of their job.

  • Working closely with Federal, State and local law enforcement officials.
  • Protection of archeological resources.
  • Conduct informational and educational programs.
  • Timber theft investigations.
  • Vehicle accident investigations.
  • Provide emergency medical aid.
  • Enforcement of traffic laws on forest roads.
  • Enforcement of fish and wildlife regulations.
  • Wildfire investigation.
  • Investigation of controlled substance use, distribution and manufacture.
  • Service of search and arrest warrants.
  • Work cooperatively with State and local law enforcement agencies on search and rescue missions.
  • Assist Forest Service special agents with investigations.
  • Working through the Forest Service's International Programs, LEOs participate in cooperative exchange of law enforcement best practices with the international law enforcement community.
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