Report Of The Federal Water Rights Task Force Created Pursuant To Section 389(D)(3) Of P.L. 104-127.

August 25, 1997

Executive Summary

Proceedings of the Task Force

Part I - Introduction

Part II - Background

Part III - The Colorado "Bypass Flow" Controversy

Part IV - Coerced Transfers of Water Rights - The Arizona Experience

Part V - Bypass Flows and McCarran Adjudications

Part VI - Forest Service Legal Authority

Part VII - Task Force Recommendations and Response to Questions Presented in Section 389(d)(3) of P.L. 104-127

Part VIII - Case Studies

Part IX - Separate Views

Part X - Response to Separate Views

Appendix A

Appendix B: Correspondence


Authors: Bennett Raley, Chair; Elizabeth Rieke, Vice-Chair; Sherl Chapman; Richard Roos-Collins; David Getches; Richard Golb; Robert S. Lynch

Title: Report Of The Federal Water Rights Task Force
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