Land Areas Report as of September 30, 1999

Table 1--National and Regional Areas Summary

Table 2--Regional Areas Summary

Table 3--Areas by Region

Table 4--Areas by State

Table 5--Areas in Multiple States

Table 6--Areas by State, Congressional Districts, and Counties

Table 7--National Wilderness Areas by State

Table 8--National Wilderness Areas in Multiple States

Table 9--National Wilderness Areas Summary

Table 10--National Primitive Areas by State

Table 11--National Scenic--Research Areas by State

Table 12--National Scenic Areas by State

Table 13--National Wild and Scenic Rivers by State

Table 14--National Wild and Scenic Rivers in Multiple States

Table 15--National Recreation Areas by State

Table 16--National Recreation Areas in Multiple States

Table 17--National Game Refuges and Wildlife Preserves by State

Table 18--National Monument Areas by State

Table 19--National Volcanic Monument Areas by State

Table 20--National Historic Areas by State

Table 21--National Forest Lands--Annual Acreage

Modified January 2000