M222 Ozark Broadleaf Forest--Meadow Province

Ozark Highlands, 6,400 mi2 (16,600 km2)

Land-surface form.--This is an area of low dissected mountains composed of sandstone and shale, with altitudes up to 2,000 ft (600 m) and a relief of 1,500 ft (460 m). Valleys are narrow, with steep sides and gradients.

Climate.--The climate is hot continental, with cold winters and hot summers. Rainfall occurs throughout the year, with drier periods in summer and autumn. In Mountain Home, Arkansas (on the outskirts of this province), the average annual temperature is 59F (15C) and the average annual precipitation is 41 in (1,050 mm).

Vegetation.--This region supports oak-hickory forest. The primary overstory species are red oak, white oak, and hickory. Shortleaf pine and eastern redcedar are important on disturbed sites, shallow soils, and south- and westfacing slopes.

Soils.--The major soils are warm, moist Ultisols.

Fauna.--No bird or mammal species is uniquely abundant in this province and not in neighboring ones. Bird and mammal communities are similar to those in the Eastern Broadleaf Forest (Continental) Province. Several endemic salamanders, however, are found here.