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Restoration and Rehabilitation

The Forest Service is striving to restore or rehabilitate degraded areas to their proper ecological function to prevent invasive species infestations or to prevent reoccurrence after invasive species removal.

Because each invasion characteristic is unique, specific restoration and rehabilitation programs need to be designed at the appropriate level. The application of appropriate restoration and rehabilitation concepts to invasive insect, animal, or pathogen problems is also a critical component of a fully functional invasive species program. The Forest Service improves its effectiveness by pooling the expertise of partners in rehabilitation and restoration efforts and technology development.

The Forest Service is experienced in conducting rehabilitation and restoration programs—from the project level to broader ecoregional scales, which address the effects of disturbance from a variety of sources—and restoring ecosystem sustainability. With respect the relationship between invasive plants and fire impacted areas, our Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation (BAER) program provides support to restore burned areas with native species that have the greatest chances of success and where native seed is readily available.

Resource managers have an increased awareness of invasive species issues and the need to incorporate native or desired nonnative species into restoration and rehabilitation planning to mitigate mining, road construction and maintenance, recreation, and other ground-disturbing activities. The Forest Service has strong partnerships with other Federal, State, and nongovernmental entities. Although invasive species management may not be a stated purpose for these entities, their activities may lead to ecosystem restoration that may help the ecosystem resist future invasions.

Forest Service Native Plant Policy

Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration

Ecosystem Restoration Research

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