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Research and Publications

The Forest Service utilizes its technology development centers, experimental forests, and research stations to help meet the invasive species management needs of resource professionals. Sound scientific information is critical to guide management activities, determine the magnitude of invasive species problems, plan future programs, and improve intervention efforts. Reliable information about distribution, dispersal rates, and reproductive status of invasive species both in the United States and the country of origin, is crucial in making risk assessments and designing appropriate management strategies. Used in conjunction with other socioeconomic considerations, invasive species research helps form the basis for determining actions appropriate to achieving the desired result, as well as for prioritizing those actions.

Where technology or knowledge gaps occur, research and technology development activities of the Forest Service and its partners play a vital role in the overall invasive species program. Collaborative partnerships with universities, the states, other agencies, and the private sector are the foundations of the strong Forest Service research and technology development projects.

Visit Forest Service Research and Development to learn more about how our research activities are supporting the battle against invasive species.

Invasive Plant Research

Invasive Pathogen Research

Invasive Invertebrate Research

Invasive Vertebrate Research

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