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Early Detection and Rapid Response

The Forest Service is actively working with partners to detect new invasive species infestations and support the infrastructure necessary to rapidly contain or eradicate these infestations.

Sometimes considered the “second line of defense” after prevention, early detection and rapid response (EDRR) is a critical component of any effective invasive species management program. When new invasive species infestations are detected, a prompt and coordinated containment and eradication response can reduce environmental and economic impacts. This action results in lower cost and less resource damage than implementing a long-term control program after the species is established.

Early detection of new infestations requires vigilance and regular monitoring of the managed area and surrounding ecosystem. The Forest Service is well suited to improve its early detection capabilities through the collaborative and coordinated efforts of numerous agency programs, field offices, and partners. We are proactive in developing broad networks with many partners to detect, contain, and eradicate new invasive species before they become established.



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