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Our next all-employee call will be on August 22

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Communication is central to who we are as an agency. We’re in this together, and dialogue lets us connect with each other so we can better understand where we’re coming from, what we care about, and why. Toward that end, I invite you to join me for our quarterly All Employee Call from 2-3:30 p.m., Eastern Time on Aug. 22. Check your email for an invitation from me.

We have quite a bit going on agency-wide, so we’ll cover a lot of topics, and the National Environmental Policy Act reform tops the list. The proposed rule will help the Forest Service make more timely decisions based on high-quality, science-based analysis. This improves the Forest Service’s ability to get work done on the ground while meeting our environmental stewardship responsibilities. You can learn more about the proposed changes on the NEPA revision webpage.

We also have news to share from the Business Operations front, including:

Finally, we’ll be discussing updates from the Work Environment and Performance Office. Specifically, we’ll be talking about new anti-harassment tools, the Employee Survey, and This Is Who We Are.

Because we understand that listening is just as important as sharing, we have extended the call’s length by 30 minutes to allow more time for this critical dialogue. We look forward to talking to you tomorrow.

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