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2019 Capitol Christmas Tree: A field perspective

I’ve invited the members of the Capitol Christmas Team from the Carson National Forest to share their impressions of their journey from the forest to Capitol Hill. The success that the project enjoyed is a credit to a tremendous project team. Whether doing the work of engaging the public, finding the perfect tree, organizing the creation and shipment of ornaments or leaning into the logistical coordination of getting a 104-foot tractor trailer and its associated convoy across the country, the team on the Carson National Forest has embodied what it means to lead from where you are.

As we kick off this special time with friends and family, I want us to remember that many traditions celebrate the holiday season. Here at the Forest Service, we celebrate the rich and diverse cultures, traditions and histories of all our employees. Diversity is one of our core values and we want to exemplify that in everything we do, including our acknowledgements and celebrations. I value your contributions to our agency and welcome the diversity of your opinion. Wishing everyone a happy holiday season as you celebrate your rich and diverse cultures, traditions and histories with friends and family.

—Chief Vicki Christiansen

Christmas Tree in front of the US Capitol

Ricardo Martinez—Capitol Christmas team lead, Deputy District Ranger, Carson National Forest
Over the last year I have been honored to serve the team on the Carson National Forest that delivered the U.S. Capitol Christmas tree. It was a tremendous privilege for us to provide this special gift from New Mexico to the people of the United States. This project continues to be a great opportunity to display the value of our National Forest System, to show what’s possible in collaboration with communities and to outreach to populations who, but for this project, might remain unaware of the benefits delivered to the public daily by hard-working Forest Service employees.

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