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Supplement No.:  6100-2003-1


Effective Date:  March 28, 2003.


Duration:  Effective until superseded or removed



                      Forest Supervisor

Date Approved:  03/03/2003


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6100 Zero Code

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Clarifying Forest policy for Inclement Weather.


6104.1 – Line Officers


            Authority is delegated to all District Rangers and Deputy District Rangers:


1.      Establish regularly scheduled tours of overtime service.


2.      Authorize and approve irregular or unscheduled overtime work.

a.                   To meet deadlines or temporarily increase workloads.

b.                  To adjust to special operating or weather conditions.


3.      Establish standard tours of duty and hours per day.


5.      To adjust normal workweek to meet emergency conditions.


Tour change must be documented in writing and kept in a special file folder in approving unit.  Tour change must be timely to comply with terms of Labor Union agreements.  A copy will be given to employee(s) involved.  A copy will be forwarded to the Supervisor’s Office for inclusion in the special folder.


6.      Establish clock hours and days of the week for part-time and intermittent workers.


7.      The unit manager may close a facility due to inclement weather conditions or other emergencies and grant administrative leave.  This general delegation does not include the Blanchard Springs Caverns maintenance and security operations.


Forest Policy for Inclement Weather


Forest Service offices do not normally close for inclement weather. However, the obligation to provide public services must be balanced with the risk of danger to employees who may have to drive in hazardous conditions.


Office closures may be caused by extremely heavy snowfall, severe icing conditions, flooding or other natural disasters.  The location of an employee’s residence is not a basis for approving administrative leave since employees, by choice, may live close to the job or in remote areas.


During snow or icing condition, a facility should not be closed if a vehicle properly equipped with snow tires and/or tire chains can safely travel the roads.  Employees in this area can expect occasional snow and icing and, therefore, should be prepared to travel under these conditions.


The unit manager should not use closing of local schools as a basis for making the decision.  However, closure of most businesses and factories in an area should be considered.  What other Federal and State agencies are doing would be another consideration.  Your decision must be based upon facts – not upon emotionalism – or past practices.


            Supervisor’s Office Policy for Inclement Weather


The decision to close the S.O. and grant administrative leave will be made by the Forest Supervisor or the Administrative Officer as early as possible on days with snow or ice. Employees can call the emergency phone number (479-964-7213) to find out about the status of the office.   Rules for administrative leave are as follows:


·        Employees with early morning schedules that choose to come to work prior to the official decision on office closure will not be granted administrative leave.

·        The authorized officer will only grant administrative leave until 10:00 am on snow and ice days.  A decision to grant additional hours of administrative leave will be made by 9:30 if conditions warrant.  Employees can call at that time for further instruction.

·        Employees should be at work by 10 am or when the office officially opens.  Employees that arrive when the office opens will get credit for a full day’s attendance.  Those employees reporting after the office opens will not be granted administrative leave.


Administrative leave is granted for the safety of employees.  Employees who, while in administrative leave status, decide to leave their homes and drive for personal business will jeopardize this privilege.  Roads that are too dangerous to drive on getting to work are also too dangerous to drive on for personal use.


8.      Order and approve holiday work.


9.       Establish office hours.


10.   Group dismissals.