2532 - Arkansas State Laws and Regulation affecting Water Quality Management on National Forests.


            1.  ACT 472 of 1949, as amended, Arkansas Water and Air Pollution Control Act established Arkansas Department of Pollution Control and Ecology as the enforcement agency, prohibits and defines pollution, establishes the permit system of control.


            2.  ACT 237 of 1971, Arkansas Solid Waste Management Act requires proper and permitted disposal of solid waste; requires all municipalities to develop solid waste management plans; authorizes county courts to provide solid waste management systems.


            3.  ACT 211 of 1971, Wastewater Licensing Act requires licensing of all wastewater treatment plant operators, provides for classification of treatment plants.


            4.  ACT 402 of 1977, Arkansas Sewage Disposal Systems Act regulates the location, design, construction, installation, operation of individual sewage disposal systems and other sewage systems.


            5.  ACT 336 of 1977, Arkansas Open Cut Land Reclamation Act regulates reclamation of land disturbed by open cut mining.


            6.  ACT 833 of 1977, Arkansas Litter Act prohibits discarding of litter on public or private property.


            7.  ACT 134 of 1979, Arkansas Surface Coal Mining and Reclamation Act establishes a program for coal mining and reclamation of mining area.


            8.  ACT 406 of 1979, Arkansas Hazardous Waste Act establishes a program of regulation over the generation, storage, transportation, treatment and disposal of hazardous wastes.


            9.  Regulation one (1958) prohibits discharge of oil or salt water and other oil field wastes to the open ground or into the waters of the state.  Applies to oil and gas wells in new fields or pools.


            10.  Regulation two (1967) (amended 1988) establishes water quality standards for waters of the state, regulates treatment of discharges, establishes use classifications for waters of the state.


            11.  Regulation three (1971) (amendments 1973, 1977) establishes rules for licensing of wastewater treatment plant operators, outlines basis of classification of treatment plants.


            12.  Regulation four (1973) requires submission of plans for sewage disposal systems for subdivisions located within 2640 feet of any lake or stream, if the subdivision is not connected to a public sewage disposal system.


            13.  Solid Waste Code (1984) establishes and outlines proper disposal methods including sanitary landfill, incineration, and composting.

            14.  Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Sewage Disposal Systems and Installers (1977) describe the design, construction, and operation of the septic tank system for the disposal of human wastes.


            15.  Arkansas Water Quality Management Plan (1982) establishes voluntary compliance with Best Management Practices (BMPs) to control non- point sources of pollution for silvicultural activities in Arkansas.