MAY 1987



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6304 - Revises Procurement Planning and Yearend Procurement Policies.


Forest Supervisor



6304 - Responsibility


Units shall prepare an annual procurement plan which is called the Advance Acquisition Plan (AAP).

B. Responsibility

1. Responsibility for preparation and approval of the AAP rests with the District Ranger or Program Officer for the unit involved. The plan should be approved for each unit by September 15 for the next fiscal year.

2. Program Managers, Budget Officers, Contracting Officers, and others involved in the acquisition process shall cooperate in prepar- ing the AAP. The AAP is an integral part of the budget process.

C. Objectives

1. To meet program needs by awarding contracts in an orderly manner, insuring sound procurement practices, encouraging effective competition, and maintaining accountability.

2. To provide a flexible management tool that accommodates emergencies, budget changes, and changes in program direction, while effectively assisting the program manager in accomplishing projects through the acquisition process.

3.To prevent imprudent fourth-quarter spending.

4. To provide a tool for establishing and finalizing annual procurement preference program goals, and to identify projects for set-aside programs.

D. Procedures for Development of the AAP

1. Thirty days after the Budget Initial Advice is received, but no later than September 15, units shall submit AAP to the unit acqui- sition office. Exceptions shall be approved by the Program Officer for Administration.

FSM 05/87 LOLO SUPP NO. 24



D. Procedures for Development of the AAP (con't)

2. The AAP will be updated for any significant changes. As a minimum, it will be updated on January 15 and on each financial review date (normally February 28 and May 31).

3. Revisions to the plan shall be approved by the official who initially approved the plan and the Forest Contracting Officer.

E. Contents of Written Acquisition Plans

1.As a minimum, the AAP shall contain:

- Acquisitions estimated to exceed $2,000.

2. Include the following data for each acquisition number (block of numbers will be given each unit August 15) on the AAP (see

Exhibit 1):

a. Unit;

b.Project name;

c.Type of Project (service, supply, construction);

d.Estimated cost of project;

e.Date project will be given to acquisition office;

f. Contact person;

g.Desired delivery date; and

h. Funding (funded, swing, or unfunded)

Procurements will be coded with one of the following:

F (Funded) - This is a funded project listed on the acquisition plan.

S (Swing) - This is a swing project which, if not funded in the current year, will be in the subsequent year. This project will be advertised for opening (receipt of offers) between August 10 and September 15.

U (Unfunded) - This is an unfunded project listed on the acquisition plan which should have specifications, etc. submitted to acquisition office by July 15.

FSM 05/87 LOLO SUPP NO. 24




| | | | | DUIN | | | |

| | | | | Date Due | | | |

| | | | |in Acquisi-| Contact |Delivery | Fund-|

|Unit| Project | Type | Cost |tion Office| Person | Date | ing |

D3/L VCR Misc $ 2,100 7/87 Matthews 9/1/87 S

D3/L Thinning Thin $ 10,000 2/87 Smith 5/24/87 F

D4/L Planting HPlan $ 34,000 1/87 Jones 3/22/87 F

D6/L Lolo Roads Road $235,000 4/87 Johnson 5/31/87 U

D5/L Remodeling Bldg $ 20,000 6/87 Thompson 8/08/87 S

D7/L Trail Mntc. Trail $ 5,000 3/87 Jackson 5/15/87 U

F. Milestones and Minimum Lead Times

Use the following milestones and minimum lead times in developing the AAP. These times do not reflect allowances for deficient pre-bid packages, amendments to solicitations, requests for certificates of competency, small business size standard issues from the Small Business Administration, or protests against award.

| | |

| Milestones | Days of Process Time |

Receipt of draft solicitation 15

Notice to Department of Labor

(service contracts only) 60

Commerce Business Daily Notice

(Only required when project

expected to exceed $25,000.)

Mailing 10

Publication 15

Advertising Time 30

Technical evaluation and 15

selection (negotiated contracts)

Analyze bids, determination of 15

responsiveness and responsibility,

and award

FMS 05/87 LOLO SUPP NO. 24



CUMULATIVE AVERAGE TIMES (over $25,000 from receipt of draft to award)

Advertised Negotiated

Service 110 days 125 days

Supply 70 days 85 days

Construction 90 days 105 days

CUMULATIVE AVERAGE TIMES (under $25,000 from receipt of draft to award)

All 30 days

G. Contract Action Cutoff Dates (over $25,000)

The cutoff dates for receipt of Requests for Contract Action in the fourth quarter are:

--July 1: Service, Construction, Negotiated Contracts, ADP, Telecommunications, and Utilities.

-- July 15: Advertised supply contracts not included in the above.

Procurement Action Cutoff Dates (under $25,000)

The cutoff date for receipt of Requests for Procurement Action in the fourth quarter is August 15 unless an exception is authorized.

Exceptions are:

--FFF Procurement

--On-going projects where the procurement is essential to project accomplishment;*

--Continuing year funds where year-end procurement is not an issue;*

--Procurements where essential Forest activities would be seriously compromised if the procurement is not accomplished.*


* These procurements will require acceptable justification and approval of the Forest Program Officer for Administration or Forest Supervisor.

FSM 05/87 LOLO SUPP NO. 24



H. General

Projects exceeding $2,000 which are not on the acquisition plan will require approval of the Program Officer for Administration or Forest Supervisor.

Except for normal replacement supplies (3-month supply is considered a normal inventory level), any item involving annual or expiring funds which cannot be received for use prior to September 30 will not be purchased during the last quarter of the fiscal year. This applies to all supply purchases regardless of dollar amount. Exceptions to this will require the approval of the Forest Supervisor.

FSM 05/87 LOLO SUPP NO. 24