July 1993




Colville Supplement 7100-93-1


Effective July 1, 1993



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7134.1                                                                                                                 3






Process for employee authorization to operate a Government owned or leased motor vehicle.




/s/ Edward L. Schultz


Forest Supervisor



Effective July 1, 1993





7134.1--1 Process.  Process for employee receiving authorization to operate a Government owned or leased motor vehicle less than 16,000 GVWR:


     1. Employee supervisor determines if employee will need to operate vehicles or specialized equipment.


     2. Employee supervisor reviews FSM 7134.1


     3. Employee supervisor insures employee has valid current state operator's

license, and required endorsements.


     4. Employee completes forms OF-345 (Physical Fitness Inquiry for Motor

Vehicle Operators) and AD-184 (Application for Motor Vehicle Operator's

Identification Card.)


     5. Employee supervisor makes arrangements for any testing that may be required. Refer to Forest Supplement 7134.1 - Qualifications.


     6. Employee supervisor sign AD-184 and deliver all forms to the unit personnel office.                                                              


     7. Personnel Office complete OF-346 (U.S. Government Motor Vehicle Operator's Identification Card), obtain appropriate Staff Officer or Unit Manager's signature, and return completed card to employee supervisor for issuance to employee.


The original of the required forms and documents will be kept in the employee's file at the issuing office.  Each unit is responsible for issuance of the I.D. card, and retaining the appropriate records.





7134.1 - Qualifications.  In addition to possessing a valid State driver's    

license and endorsements for the size and type of equipment being operated, the

following requirements must also be met:


     1.  All new hires (permanent and/or temporary) will be given an operation test by their supervisor for the type of vehicle and operating conditions that will normally be encountered.


     2.  Drivers of vehicles over 16,000 GVWR will attend the required 26 hour training and be given an operating test by a licensing examiner.


     3.  Drivers of vehicles capable of carrying 12 or more passengers, or 10,000-15,999 GVWR will require a written test and operating test administered

by a licensing examiner.


     4.  Drivers of vehicles transporting materials requiring a hazardous materials placard will be required to obtain a hazardous materials endorsement to the State commercial driver's license.  Guidelines for placarding are located in Section 9 of the Washington State Commercial Driver's Manual. All drivers operating vehicles of 16,000 GVWR or more will be required to have a valid State Commercial Driver's License.


     5.  Operator's of ATV's, snowmobiles, and trail bikes will require testing by a person designated by the Unit Manager.  This test will include a written test, an operating test, and a test on making routine emergency repairs, such as belt and spark plug replacement, tire repair, etc.


     6.  Drivers required to tow trailers will require an operating test administered by a person designated by the Unit Manager.


     7.  Operators of other equipment, such as fork lifts and riding lawn mowers will require an operating test administered by a person designated by the Unit Manager.