Colville Supplement No. 3


Effective September 1985



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Establishes Colville National Forest policy for storage of Government-owned or leased vehicles at employee residence.




/s/ William D. Shenk


Forest Supervisor



Effective September 1985


7132.1 - Storage


    1.      Authorization for private residence storage and use.


          (a) Authorization required.  Employees shall not store Government-owned or leased motor vehicles at or near their private residences or use such vehicles for transportation between their residences and places of employment unless such storage or use shall have been specifically authorized by the agency head or another official to whom such authority has been delegated.  A copy of the authorization shall be furnished to the manager of the Interagency Motor Pool System in the event the motor vehicles involved is under the control of that system.

          (b)  Determination required.  The authorization to store a Government-owned or leased motor vehicle at or near the residence of an employee or to use such a vehicle for travel between their residence and place of employment shall be based upon a determination that such storage or use is necessary in the proper performance of their official duties, in accordance with the provisions of law and these regulations.

          (c)  Requests for authorization.  All requests for authorization for such motor vehicle storage or use shall include a full explanation of the circumstances that justify such storage or use as being essential for the efficient conduct of public business.  A certification shall be included by the employee that they are fully aware of the penalties they are liable to in the event such vehicle should be used for other than official purposes.  Authorizations shall be in writing and shall clearly define the scope of the authority issued.

          (d)  Authorizations not transferable.  Authorizations will be issued in the name of the individual and are not transferable.  A new application must be submitted whenever circumstances, as reported in the original justification, change to such an extent as to make continued authorization questionable.


2.  Basis for authorization.

          (a)  Evaluation.  Requests for authorization will be evaluated generally in terms of the following:

          (1)  Conditions require that the employee have the vehicle stored at a convenient, readily accessible location which may be at or near their residence in order that the employee may at all times be able to respond to emergencies with a minimum of delay.

          (2)  Employee is stationed at a field point where they have no office and they proceed directly from their residence to varying points for duty.

          (3)  Employee is stationed at a field point where there is a local office but normally proceeds directly from their residence to varying points for duty.