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2007 South Central Idaho Fires

Central Idaho Fire Information

South Central Idaho Fire Information

Welcome to the South Central Idaho Fire Information web site. This site contains Maps with the 2007 Large Fires and provides links to each of the Forest and Partners Current Conditions page.

The goal of this web site is to provide a "big picture" view of all fires and to present this information in a user-friendly manner. This web site should be seen as complementing the various National Forest web sites and the Inciweb web site in providing fire information for the public.

This Web Site Is Now Frozen

The information, links and maps posted here were frozen as of September 25, 2007, when rain and snow fell at higher elevations effectively ending the fire season. The maps and information are based on final fire perimeters, and other components of these fires relative until the next fire season.

Safety Issues In Burned Over Areas

With the end of 2007 fires, hazards related to these burned over areas require additional precautions. Individuals need to remember safety when traveling, hunting, or performing other activities;

* Holes are created when stumps and root systems have burned, often disguised when filled with loose ashes and/or snow.

* Weakened trees (or snags) often fall, unexpectedly. Areas should be especially avoided during high winds.

* Debris (trees and rocks, for example) on the hillside above you can be dislodged for no apparent reason. Be especially careful during any rainfall, or wet periods.

Current Conditions

  • What Is Open? - South Central Idaho is always worth seeing, any time of the year. There is quite a bit to see and experience in beautiful South Central Idaho.
  • What Is Closed? - Provides links to the Individual Forest and Partners web sites.
  • Area Roads - The latest information on roads affected by the fires.
  • Fire Maps / Hunting Maps - A new digital library offering maps to view and download. We also have hunting maps. Find out what Big Game Units were impacted by 2007 large fires.
  • Weather - Direct links to the National Weather Service and Boise Fire Weather.

Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER)

  • The Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) team's primary mission is to assess potential threats to life, property, and critical cultural and natural resources as a result of the wildfires.

Tribute To Fire Fighters

We put together a few images from some of the fires as a simple gesture to say thank you to all the fire fighters.

Fire Partners & Fire Resources

We have a master list of government agencies, companies and organizations all working together to help keep everyone safe from these fires.

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