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Improving rural roads in Nepal | US Forest Service

Improving rural roads in Nepal Apply Knowledge Globally Improving rural roads in Nepal...along a relatively well-built rural road in Karre Khola, Surkhet District. Forest

Experimental forests’ road data goes digital | US Forest Service

Mission Sustain Experimental forests’ road data goes digital Sustain Our Nation's...and Grasslands Experimental forests’ road data goes digital Friday, January 5

Driving | US Forest Service

...posted speed limits. Forest Service roads can be narrow, rocky, and are not meant...high speeds. Be careful braking on gravel roads. Allow more time and distance when

Environment | US Forest Service

...quarters for the summer. Paved and gravel roads radiate the base, providing endless

Short Hikes on National Forests & Grasslands | US Forest Service

...miles south of Aspen on Castle Creek Road. Ashcroft is a perfect place to learn...the steep and winding dirt Coffee Pot road north of Dotsero, Colorado. This 600-foot-long

Bear Basin Butte Lookout and Pierson Cabin | US Forest Service

...extremes, bugs, bears, and narrow, gravel access roads. Accessibility: The 250-foot

Alaska Beavers Entertain Web Cam Viewers Around the World | US Forest Service

...can plug culverts that extend under roads or temporarily inhibit the movement...salmon need that constant movement of gravel for their nests. If the beaver population

Crooked Creek Salmon Cam | US Forest Service

...roll onto their sides and dig at the gravel with their tails. When the fish do...they are excavating a nest in the gravel, preparing a spot to lay hundreds of

Meet Ben Lara | US Forest Service

...small town, Ben Lara had to take a gravel road to get home from school and his

Conservation-minded teens tune out technology, improve public lands | US Forest Service

...and wheelbarrows to move piles of gravel, they improved drainage and they reinforced...Greig. Crew leader Shayden Joe shovels gravel from a wheelbarrow to improve horse

Misty Fjords National Monument | US Forest Service

...on durable surfaces like uplifted gravel or sand beaches. If forested areas

Students reduce erosion on the Hoosier National Forest | US Forest Service

...crossings by placing about 100 tons of gravel that will hold soil in place and reduce

Meet Rena Escobedo | US Forest Service

Yosemite National Parks on invasive plant gravel inspections, and been a part of many

Partnership in Yakutat Alaska achieves an all around win | US Forest Service

...disturbance of fine sediments and stream gravel caused by ATV users fording the stream

Meet Bequi Livingston | US Forest Service

...strength to dig my fingers in the gravel and hold the fire shelter down. It

Alaska’s Newest Live Stream Salmon Cam Debuts | US Forest Service can easily get buried under the gravel being moved by the spawning salmon...too. The water filters down into the gravel and keeps the eggs healthy as they

Catch a wild Alaskan sockeye: Watch live stream as the annual homecoming begins | US Forest Service

...sections to over 50 feet in braided gravel locations. Shallow, sediment-filled

For the Love of Trails and Trout | US Forest Service

...transporting of approximately 150 tons of gravel and the lumber, over long distances

National Forest in New Mexico Hosts Tough Quadrathlon | US Forest Service

...ride, complete a 5-mile run on a gravel road that climbs 1,250-feet in elevation

Trout hatching gives students a window to conservation | US Forest Service

...small refrigerator, a covered tank, gravel, and a water filter. The students were