Endless Forest Lyrics
Words and music by Lance Bendiksen and Machan Taylor
Copyright 2005

There is an endless forest,
one hundred years old or more.
It watches over rivers,
that flow down to its shore.

Our sons and daughters will wander there,
on grassy fields of green.
They will watch the waves striking pure white sand,
out across this countries land.

Well there’s a rich wildlife in these forests,
creatures of beauty big and small.
Play among the maples and the sycamores,
and the mountains and the valleys they call home.

A million miles of beauty,
spread across a wondrous world.
It’s a gift for all from heaven,
and a treasure that we ensure.

There’s a great Sequoia and the Finger Lakes,
Allegheny, Black Hills and Chippewa.
Giving air to breath that keep our waters clean,
And it’s free for all of us, it’s the Great Endless Forest