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FVS Software

Green button, thumb drive with the FVS logo on it.

Obtain the newest Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) software at the Complete Package. Legacy Suppose-based FVS software can be obtained at the Legacy Complete Package. Additional items are available for download at the Components links below. We suggest checking the FVS software pages often. FVS software changes as needs arise to improve the models and programs. We recommend bookmarking this web page for future reference. You will need forest inventory or stand examination data to run FVS.

Complete Package

This FVS Software Complete Package includes the new version of the graphical user interface, which includes the Stand Visualization System (SVS3d), a spatial “Maps” feature that displays FVS simulation results aligned with stand polygon data, and powerful graphing and table-creation capabilities. It also includes the latest FVS Variant files and sample data. It covers all Regions of the National Forest System. Regional-specific workbooks will be included in future releases in calendar year 2020.

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Legacy Complete Package

The Legacy FVS Software Complete Package includes the older Suppose graphical interface. It also includes the FVS program files, pre- and post-processors, the Stand Visualization System (SVS), sample data, and Regional Exercise Guide. These are the files associated with the basic FVS training sessions in each Region. This package covers all Regions of the National Forest System.

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FVS is comprised of a suite of software programs. Users can choose to update individual components of the current FVS software and the legacy FVS software.

  • Data Acquisition
    Programs to translate, convert, and query data for use with FVS. Download data translators for forest plot and stand polygon information available from Forest Service sources.
  • Geographic Variant Installer Files
    The FVS Variant Installer contains all of the FVS variants with the specified attributes.
  • Keyword Component Files (Addfiles)
    Keyword sets developed by our staff or others to perform certain functions not currently available in the FVS models, extensions, or post-processors. Retrieve pre-built FVS auxiliary addfiles.

Legacy FVS Components

The following are components that work only with the legacy FVS software.

  • Suppose User Interface
    Suppose program files for installing or updating the Suppose interface. Obtain the graphical user interface to FVS.
  • Post-Processors
    Programs integrated with FVS to extend and enhance FVS modeling, reporting, and display capabilities. Download updates of common and advance program applications.

FVS Source Code

The FVS source code is available through the "open-fvs" project. See the Downloading Source Code page on the open-fvs Wiki for information about using an SVN client to download the FVS source files. There are also instructions on the Wiki for building FVS executable files using several different tools.