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FVS Newsletters, Bulletins, and Suppose Release Notes

FVS Newsletter

The FVS Newsletter replaces FVS Bulletins. The newsletter will provide updates, fixes, proposed changes, and/or address topics of concern as did the bulletins. We updated the bulletin format with the newsletters to improve readability and provide more information.

Newsletter Topic(s)
Issue 8, March 7, 2019 (PDF, 305 KB) Read about recent FVS highlights, completed trainings, FVS Online/Onlocal, new Alaska Variant development update, ECON Extension Training, and FVS updates.
Issue 7, October 1, 2018 (PDF, 179 KB) Read about recent FVS highlights, upcoming trainings, FVS Online/Onlocal, Alaska Variant revision, insect and disease extensions, and FVS updates.
Issue 6, May 18, 2018 (PDF, 106 KB) Read about recent FVS highlights, the completed FY 2018 trainings, FVS Steering Committee news, and major updates since our last FVS version release in January 2018.
Issue 5, January 8, 2018 (PDF, 107 KB) Read about recent FVS highlights, recent and upcoming FY 2018 trainings, and major updates since our last FVS version release in October 2017.
Issue 4, October 18, 2017 (PDF, 98 KB) Read about recent FVS highlights, our upcoming FY 2018 instructor led trainings, and major updates since our last FVS version release in June 2017.
Issue 3, June 19, 2017 (PDF, 97 KB) Read about recent FVS training, submitting FVS success stories, Oregon Department of Forestry's Best Practices for FVS, and FVS updates.
Issue 2, April 14, 2017 (PDF, 111 KB) Read about the 2017 FVS e-Conference, recent training, and FVS updates.
Issue 1, January 13, 2017 (PDF, 80 KB) Welcome to the first issue of the Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) Newsletter!

FVS Newsletter Subscription

You may subscribe to the FVS Newsletter to have it automatically sent to your email address with each release. When you no longer wish to receive the newsletter mailings, you may cancel your subscription.

If your subscription information changes, let us know so we can update your account. Update Subscription…


Past FVS Bulletins are available to aid users with troubleshooting and provide historical information about the continuing development and improvement of FVS. The FVS Bulletins notified users of program updates, problems, or other information related to the Forest Vegetation Simulator, the Fire and Fuels Extensions, and the Insect and Pathogen models.

  • 1995 to 2016 Bulletins - Select a year in the box below.
  • Pre-1995 Bulletins - Bulletins 1 to 300 are not available on-line. If you wish to obtain a bulletin(s) prior to Bulletin 301, contact our staff.

Suppose Release Notes

Suppose Release Notes describe problem fixes with previous versions and the additions of new features to Suppose. The files are small, simple ASCII text files. The file name format "rn115.txt" denotes "release notes for Suppose version 1.15". The ".txt" file extension denotes the ASCII text file format.

File Size File Date
rn206.txt 2 KB 06-08-2017
rn205.txt 1 KB 10-01-2015
rn204.txt 3 KB 12-24-2014
rn203.txt 3 KB 11-20-2013
rn202.txt 22 KB 01-15-2013
rn201.txt 3 KB 08-12-2009
rn120.txt 3 KB 05-16-2007
rn119.txt 4 KB 07-10-2006
rn118.txt 7 KB 06-14-2006
rn117.txt 992 bytes 11-09-2004
rn116.txt 6 KB 05-21-2004
rn115.txt 5 KB 09-16-2002
rn114.txt 4 KB 04-30-2002
rn113.txt 3 KB 12-27-2000
rn112.txt 4 KB 04-25-2000
rn111.txt 4 KB 01-13-2000
rn110.txt 3 KB 02-22-1999
rn109.txt 4 KB 10-14-1998
rn108.txt 7 KB 09-18-1998
rn107.txt 5 KB 09-18-1998
rn106.txt 3 KB 09-18-1998
rn105.txt 3 KB 09-18-1998
rn104.txt 2 KB 09-18-1998