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FVS User Guides

Essential FVS: A User's Guide to the Forest Vegetation Simulator Document Cover.

These documents are available as user guides and background information for FVS, related models, and programs. The variant overviews provide specific information about each variant.

You can download the document directly from the links in the File column.

Common User Guides
Document File Date File Size
Essential FVS: A User’s Guide to the Forest Vegetation Simulator 01-07-2020 EssentialFVS.pdf 2.2M
Keyword Reference Guide for the Forest Vegetation Simulator 01-07-2020 keyword.pdf 1.1M
The Fire and Fuels Extension to the Forest Vegetation Simulator: Updated Model Documentation 06-25-2015 FFEguide.pdf 6.6M
Users Guide to the Database Extension of the Forest Vegetation Simulator Version 3.0 (FVS with SQLite) 11-13-2020 DBSUserGuide_2020.pdf 1.2M
Additional User Guides
Document File Date File Size
Research Applications of the Forest Vegetation Simulator: Documentation and Citation 09-01-2020 DocumentingResearchApplicFVS.pdf 345K
Users Guide to the Database Extension of the Forest Vegetation Simulator Version 2.0 (Legacy FVS 32-bit) 11-13-2020 DBSUserGuide_LegacyFVS.pdf 1.4M
Instructions for Running the FVS-WRENSS Water Yield Post-processor 09-29-2015 WRENSS_Guide.pdf 573K
Climate-FVS Version 2: Users Guide 07-06-2015 ClimateFVS_UsersGuide.pdf 1.6M
User Guide To The FVS Economic Extension (ECON), January 2008 07-22-2013 EconUserGuide.pdf 280K
Snag Dynamics in the PN, WC, BM, EC, and SO variants 03-07-2013 R6snags.pdf 3.1M
FVS_DB_LINK Utility: User's Guide 09-28-2012 FVS_DB_LINK.pdf 388K
Percent Canopy Cover and Stand Structure Statistics from the Forest Vegetation Simulator (RMRS-GTR-24) 03-15-2001 percancv.pdf 239K
Variant Overviews
Variant File Date File Size
Southeast Alaska and Coastal British Columbia 10-02-2019 FVSak_Overview.pdf 1.1M
Blue Mountains 10-02-2019 FVSbm_Overview.pdf 1.1M
Inland California and Southern Cascades 10-02-2019 FVSca_Overview.pdf 1.3M
Central Idaho 10-02-2019 FVSci_Overview.pdf 1.5M
Central Rockies 10-02-2019 FVScr_Overview.pdf 1.7M
Central States 10-02-2019 FVScs_Overview.pdf 1.9M
East Cascades 10-02-2019 FVSec_Overview.pdf 1.1M
Eastern Montana 10-02-2019 FVSem_Overview.pdf 1.4M
Inland Empire 10-02-2019 FVSie_Overview.pdf 1.5M
Klamath Mountains 10-02-2019 FVSnc_Overview.pdf 1.1M
Kootenai, Kaniksu, and Tally Lake (KooKanTL) 10-02-2019 FVSkt_Overview.pdf 1.4M
Lake States 10-02-2019 FVSls_Overview.pdf 892K
Northeast 10-02-2019 FVSne_Overview.pdf 1.6M
ORGANON Southwest 10-02-2019 FVSoc_Overview.pdf 1.4M
ORGANON Pacific Northwest 10-02-2019 FVSop_Overview.pdf 1.5M
Pacific Northwest Coast 10-02-2019 FVSpn_Overview.pdf 1.6M
Southern 11-02-2020 FVSsn_Overview.pdf 1.9M
South Central Oregon and Northeast California (SORNEC) 10-02-2019 FVSso_Overview.pdf 1.8M
Tetons 10-02-2019 FVStt_Overview.pdf 1.0M
Utah 10-02-2019 FVSut_Overview.pdf 1.7M
Westside Cascades 10-02-2019 FVSwc_Overview.pdf 1.2M
Western Sierra Nevada 10-02-2019 FVSws_Overview.pdf 1.4M
Variant Overview Supplemental Information
Document File Date File Size
Species Crosswalks Used in Eastern and Western FVS Variants - a Microsoft Excel Workbook including the species crosswalks used in eastern FVS variants (CS, LS, NE, and SN) and western FVS variants (AK, BM, CA, CI, CR, EC, ID, NC, KT, PN, SO, TT, UT, WC, WS). Each species (sorted by scientific name) is mapped to a corresponding species in a given variant. 08-20-2019