Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management

Making the Case for Investing in Sustainable Forestry

It’s a pleasure to be here tonight. Thank you for inviting me!

I’ve been asked to talk about sustainable forestry in relation to the sustainability of society as a whole. As environmental journalists, I am sure you understand the connection. You have probably heard numerous times about the important role forests play in providing clean, abundant water; high-quality, productive soils; clean air; energy; nontimber forest products; medicines; and economic activity that sustains communities.

Capitalizing on Opportunities for Collaboration

It’s a pleasure to be here to discuss future opportunities for forestry. Thank you for inviting me.

It can’t be said enough: The State Foresters are more than partners with the Forest Service. We’ve been working together for more than a hundred years, and I want to thank you for many generations of collaboration. Wildland fire management is one model for collaboration, and this fire season again proves how close we are as partners. I would like to thank the State Foresters for all their support.

Cross-Boundary Collaboration

The State of Forests and Forestry in the United States

Thank you, and again, welcome! It’s a real pleasure to be here with my colleagues from Canada and Mexico. I am honored to have the opportunity to represent the United States and to learn from you this week.

Forestry Challenges

In terms of both scale and complexity, forestry in the United States faces some of the greatest challenges in history. Many of the challenges are associated with drought, wildfire, invasive species, and outbreaks of insects and disease—all made worse by climate change.