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Forest Planning

A vision for the future: First revised forest plan released in CA

CALIFORNIA—The first forest plan in the Pacific Southwest Region revised under the 2012 Planning Rule is available online. When approved, the Inyo National Forest plan will guide how the forest’s 2 million acres are managed for the next 10–15 years.

The Inyo National Forest supports about 3,400 jobs, and generates an annual labor income of nearly $120 million. Recreation, tourism and generating electricity and clean water are the main economic drivers for the forest.

State of Alaska, USDA Forest Service begin official work on Alaska Roadless Rule

AUGUST 2, 2018 AT 3:45 PM EDT - JUNEAU, ALASKA, August 2 – The State of Alaska and the USDA Forest Service signed a memorandum of understanding this week to develop an Alaska state-specific roadless rule.

An Alaska state-specific roadless rule will determine which currently designated roadless areas would require a different management designation to further Alaska’s economic development or other needs, while still conserving roadless areas for generations to come.  

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