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Renewable energy project in California earns national recognition

CALIFORNIA—After four years of determination and innovation, a team from the Pacific Southwest Region has received a Federal Energy and Water Management Award for its Southern California Energy Savings Performance Contract ENABLE Project, which will reduce energy consumption by 80 percent for 63 facilities across the Los Padres and San Bernardino national forests. The Department of Energy award recognizes federal government projects that cut energy waste and promote energy independence, resilience and security.

Monitoring Alaskan Bats in the Tongass National Forest

The sun has finally set in Ketchikan, located around 300 miles south of Juneau, Alaska. Engines rumble as volunteers begin their journey deep into the Tongass National Forest. Equipped with a bat detector and a specialized microphone on the roof of their car, the volunteers traverse a 30-mile stretch at 20 miles per hour in the hope of recording bat calls, which will help determine where they roost, migrate, and hibernate.

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