Greater Atlanta Pollinator Partnership (GAPP)


Populations of pollinators like birds, bats, bees, and butterflies are declining, especially in and around cities. Help pollinators bounce back by growing pollinator-friendly sites in the Greater Atlanta Area. Learn how to grow your pollinator garden by visiting the GAPP website and post the location of your garden on the GAPP map.



Greater Atlanta Area, GA



Georgia State University

National Wildlife Federation

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Truly Living


Accepting Participants

This project is accepting volunteers. Register your pollinator garden on the gapp website.


Participant Age

All ages


Participant Tasks

Gardening, data entry

Lessons learned from destructive Colorado Springs fire

The smoke billowed so high, wide and dark, that in a photo of the 2012 Waldo Canyon Fire dozens of Colorado Springs, Colo., homes are barely visible.

The inferno that burned on the Pike National Forest for 18 days lasted just four hours in Colorado Springs. But the wind-fueled fire claimed two lives, devoured 347 homes, scorched 18,247 acres and frightened the 32,000 evacuees and many others who feared how much hotter and destructive the fire could get.

It could have been worse. There are reasons that it wasn’t.