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Land-marking: Returning to 9/11 Living Memorials Projects and to the people who continue to shape, create and attend to their meaning

Living memorials serve as a reminder of fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends—but also of the power of community to reflect, rebuild and renew. Our research suggests that living memorials demonstrate the role of nature in contemporary times not only as a symbol, but as an innate and purposeful response to loss that calls forth a common humanity and compassion for others.

Forest Service Chief Tidwell Tours New York City’s Urban Forests

When most people think of urban forestry in New York, they usually evoke Central Park, Frederick Olmstead’s crown jewel that covers 843 acres in the middle of bustling Manhattan.

Most people, however, would only have a small part of the overall picture  – New York City manages 29,000 acres of parkland and urban forest overall. That includes nearly 600,000 street trees, more than 1,400 acres of wetlands and more than 5,000 acres of forest.