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Special Forest Products Definitions

Product Definitions and Examples
Christmas Trees Variety of conifer species.
Special Wood Product - Non Convertible Special Wood Products that do not fix an existing category.
Bee Trees Trees with wild bees.
Transplants (Wildlings) Young wild or natural seedling use in landscaping.
Limbs and Boughs The limbs and boughs of trees used in making decorations.
Foliage The foliage of a variety of shrubs used in making decorations.
Needles Needles of conifers used in making decorations and baskets.
Bark Bark from a variety of trees and shrubs used in landscaping and making decorations.
Cones, Green Cones used for seed and in making decorations.
Cones, Dry Cones used landscaping and in making decorations.
Seed Seed of any plant or shrub specie that is used for sowing or seeding to grow new plants.
Nuts and Seed Nuts and seed used for food.
Fruits and Berries Fruits and berries used for food.
Tree Sap Tree Sap use for Maple syrup and others used for pitch and tar.
Roots Roots use for pitch and tar, also roots use in the creation of novelty items.
Bulbs Bulbs of plants used for transplanting.
Mushrooms A variety of mushroom species used for food.
Fungi A variety of fungi used for decorations.
Mosses A variety of fungi used for decorations.
Herbs A variety of herbs used for medicinal purpose.
Ferns A variety of ferns used for decorations.
Wildflowers A variety of wildflowers used for decorations.
Grass A variety of grasses used for decorations.
Aquatic Plants A variety of aquatic plants used for landscaping.
Mistletoe / SPMS A used for decorations.
Cacti A variety of cacti used for landscaping and decorations.
Green Biomass NCV Green Biomass (wood fiber) - Non-convertible to MBF or CCF used as fuel.
Other Plants Usually plants that do not fit any other category.