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Technical Support Information

Telephone Numbers

To get personal help with cruising, scaling, or volume estimation equations, process, or software, first contact your regional or agency Measurement Specialist. The following are links to Regional Forest Products Measurement websites on the Internet, if they exist.

If you cannot reach your regional or agency measurement specialist, contact us at the telephone numbers listed below during these hours:

Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Mountain Std Time), Monday through Friday

  • Mensuration: (970) 295-5779 or (970) 295-5747
  • Scaling and Field Data Collection: (970) 295-5752
  • Volume and Biomass: (970) 295-5771
  • Cruise Processing: (970) 295-5775
  • Area-Location Determination: (970) 295-5767

Measurement E-mail Address

Use the following e-mail address at any time to contact us with your Measurement comments and questions:

  • – use this address for issues and questions concerning forest measurements (cruising, scaling, or volume).

If you are reporting a problem with our software, please note the following in your message:

  1. Name the program and the version you are using.
  2. Provide a brief description of the problem.
  3. Describe your computer: the processor, memory (RAM and disk space), etc.
  4. What operating system are you using?
  5. If the problem is reproducible, please list the steps required to cause it. If the problem is not reproducible (only happened once or occasionally for no apparent reason), please describe the circumstances in which it occurred and the symptoms observed.
  6. Note whether the problem causes any error messages to appear and note in your message the exact text displayed.
  7. Please provide the following information in case we need to contact you:
    1. Name
    2. Phone
    3. E-mail address