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Hemlock Wooly Adelgid

The Insect and Pathogen Modeling program's core mission is to support, maintain, and develop insect and pathogen models as a technology tool for the Forest Health Protection (FHP) units. These models assist those involved with the task of producing growth and yield projections while taking into consideration the effects of insects and pathogens.

Currently, FHTET supports insect and pathogen extensions that are directly linked to the Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) as the base model. FVS is maintained by members of the Forest Management Service Center (FMSC), a Washington Office-Detached unit in Fort Collins. FHTET, in cooperation with FMSC, offers a variety of modeling services to assist users in their utilization and understanding of FVS and its extensions. Joint training sessions are conducted annually within every Region. The technical skills available through FHTET for modeling support include programming changes, error tracking, development, instruction, and on-site assistance.

The Insect and Pathogen Modeling program's core mission is to provide FHP field units with insect and pathogen model access, support and maintenance; these services are extended to entomologists, pathologists, silviculturists, foresters, and land management planners within the Forest Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), state forests, Research and Development, and private industry. Because the models are available through the Internet, the customer base could grow extensively.

Products and Services

FHTET Extensions

  • Insect, Pathogen, and Ecophysiology Models

FHTET Keyword Component Files (Addfiles)

  • FVS keyword component (kcp) files that can be included in FVS simulations to perform specific functions and calculations

Technical and training Assistance

  • Brief overview presented at FVS regional sessions
  • Insect and pathogen model training session
  • Phone and e-mail consulting
  • On-site technical support
  • Presentation at the local university

Model Maintenance and Support

  • Ensuring consistency with FVS updates
  • Enabling Internet access
  • Phone and e-mail consulting
  • troubleshooting
  • Programming modifications
  • Modifications to the Dwarf Mistletoe Model
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