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2013 FHM Poster Presentations

Poster presenations will be rendered as a pdf document. You will need to install Adobe Acrobat if it is not already installed on your PC. To download Adobe Acrobat click on the Reader icon Adobe Acrobat Reader - icon and link.

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The 2013 FHM Poster Presentations are available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
Poster Name PDF
Click the corresponding PDF icon to view the file.
Allometric Biomass Models and Applications for Chinese Tallow in a Mississippi Bottomland Forest
Allison M. Stoklosa, Nana Tian, and Zhaofei Fan
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 594 KB
Determination of Hardwood Mortality Changes in the Southeastern United States Using Consecutive Inventory Cycles
Michael K. Crosby, Zhaofei Fan, Martin A. Spetich , Theodor D. Leininger, and Xingang Fan
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 1.7 MB
Distribution and Impact of Sirococcus Shoot Blight of Eastern Hemlock
Isabel A Munck, William Ostrofsky, Denise Smith and Glen Stanosz
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 3.38 MB
Drought effects on forest regeneration in the Southeast - a regional analysis based on FHM/FIA data
Huifeng Hu, G. Geoff Wang and Ryan J. Klos
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 62 KB
Evaluating the Extent and Nature of Pine Health Issues in the Southeastern U.S.
Kamal J.K. Gandhi , David R. Coyle, Kier D. Klepzig, Frank H. Koch, Lawrence A. Morris, John T. Nowak, William J. Otrosina, and William D. Smith
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 797 KB
Impacts of Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreaks on Forest Fuels and Other Stand Attributes in the Intermountain West
Christopher J. Fettig, A. Steven Munson, Kenneth E. Gibson, Carl L. Jorgensen, Jose F. Negrón, Justin B. Runyon, and Brytten E. Steed
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 1.28 MB
Implementing Interagency Whitebark Pine Monitoring in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Erin Shanahan, Nancy Bockino, Kristin Legg, Kelly McCloskey, Darren Blackford and Steve Munson
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 1.24 MB
Modeling Growth of Chinese Tallow (Triadica sebifera) in Oak-Gum-Cypress Forest in Southern Mississippi
Nana Tian and Zhaofei Fan
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file756 KB
Monitoring native- and non-native bark and woodboring insect colonization within damaged forest in Massachusetts
Ryan P. Hanavan, Kevin J. Dodds and Ken Gooch
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 2.33 MB
Post-Invasion Forests: Composition and Structure following Invasive Species Establishment – Year 3 Progress
Abe Levin-Nielsen and Lynne K. Rieske-Kinney
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 3.46 MB
Predicting Triadica Sebifera Occupied Probability by Climate Envelope Models in the Southeastern United States
Zhen Sui, Zhaofei Fan, Xingang Fan, Michael Crosby, and Martin A. Spetich
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 774 KB
Using the Fuel Characteristic Classification System to Model Fire Behavior in Southern Pine Beetle-Killed Stands
Jennifer Evans, G. Geoff Wang, and Thomas A. Waldrop
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 2.88 MB
WhitebarkPine Stand Conditions after Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreaks in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana
Kendra Schotzko, Stephen Cook, Carl Jørgensen, Sandy Kegley, John Schwandt, Laura Lazarus, and Jim Hoffman
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 2.16 MB
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