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2011 FHM Poster Presentations

Poster presenations will be rendered as a pdf document. You will need to install Adobe Acrobat if it is not already installed on your PC. To download Adobe Acrobat click on the Reader icon Adobe Acrobat Reader - icon and link.

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The 2011 FHM Poster Presentations are available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
Poster Name PDF
Click the corresponding PDF icon to view the file.
Bark Beetle Outbreaks in ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir forests: Implications for fuels, fire, and management under different climate scenarios
Carolyn Sieg, Joel McMillin, KurtAllen, Chad Hoffman
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 1.5 MB
Down Woody Materials: Simple Mass Estimation from a Complex Forest Service Database
David C. Chojnacky and Stephen P. Prisley
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 1 MB
Preserving the past for the future: capturing forest insect and disease gray literature
Elizabeth A. Willhite, Carol A. Ayer, Sally A. Dumphy
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 2.5 MB
Development of a monitoring program to better understand the ecological impacts of wildfire under warmer, dryer conditions on a potentially major forest defoliator
Ryan P. Hanavan, Christian Hoffman, and Richard W. Hofstetter
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 1.4 MB
Fuel and fire behavior in bark beetle-affected high elevation five needle pines
Michael Jenkins and Chelsea Toone
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 892 KB
Fuel Dynamics in Southern Pine Beetle Killed Stands and Its Implication to Fire Behavior
Jennifer Evans, G. Geoff Wang, and Thomas A. Waldrop
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 1.12 MB
Monitoring white pine blister rust in the Southwest
Chris Looney, Kristen Waring, and Mary Lou Fairweather
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 2.6 MB
Post-Invasion Forests: Composition and Structure Following Invasive Species Establishment
Melanie M. Sprinkle and Lynne K. Rieske-Kinney
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 1 MB
Predicting mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae)attack and delayed tree mortality in fire-injured lodgepole (Pinus contorta)and ponderosa (P. ponderosa)pines
Andrew Lerch, Barbara Bentz, Darren Blackford, Andrew Thurman, Kenneth Raffa
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 498 KB
Quantifying the Short-and Long-term Impacts of Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreaks on Forest Fuels and Other Stand Attributes in the Intermountain West
Christopher J. Fettig, Stephen R. McKelvey, A. Steven Munson, Kenneth E. Gibson, Carl L. Jorgensen, Jose F. Negrón, and Brytten E. Steed
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 1.6 MB
Rapid Aspen Decline on the Southwestern Edge of its Range
T. J. Zegler, M. M. Moore, K.B. Ireland, M. L. Fairweather, and P. Z. Fulé
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 852 KB
Spread of Laurel Wilt Across Georgia
Scott Cameron, Chip Bates, James Johnson
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 3.72 MB
Sugar Maple Dieback Evaluation in the Upper Great Lakes Region
Tara L. Bal, Andrew J. Storer, Dana L. Richter, Martin F. Jurgensen, and Michael C. Amacher
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 3.25 MB
The influence of mountain pine beetle outbreaks on carbon and nitrogen cycling in lodgepole pine ecosystems
E. Matthew Hansen, Michael C. Amacher, Michael A. White, Helga Van Miegroet, James N. Long, Michael G. Ryan
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 1 MB
California Historic Forest Insect and Disease Database: Part 2
Zhanfeng Liu, Lisa Fischer and Susan Frankel
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 605 KB
How Well Do Aerial Detection Survey Maps Capture Mortality on the Ground Part 2: Are CVS plots a suitable tool to directly field check the spatial ADS cumulative mortality estimates?
Helen Maffei, Garrett Meigs, Robert Kennedy and Michael Simpson
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 3.5 MB
The Pest Trend Impact Plots Network: Putting the data to work
Heather Mehl, Susan Frankel, Sylvia Mori, David Rizzo, Judy Adams
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 2 MB
Assessing the impacts of an invasive thrips (Klambothrips myopori)infestation on native Myoporum in Hawaii
Cynthia King and Robert Hauff, Leyla Kaufman and Mark Wright
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 1.5 MB
Monitoring Mountain Pine Beetle Life Cycle Timing and Phloem Temperatures at Multiple Elevations and Latitudes in California
Barbara Bentz, Jim Vandygriff, Tom Coleman, Joan Dunlap, Amanda Garcia, Camille Jensen, Patricia Maloney and Sheri Smith
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 1.3 MB
How Climate Shapes Yellow-cedar in Alaska: Use of Inventory Plots to Evaluate Broad-Scale Occurrence, Cedar Decline, and Migration
Paul Hennon, FHPJohn Caouette, ConservancyDustin Wittwer and Colin Shanley
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 1 MB
The role of disease and insects in the widespread mortality of thin-leaf alder throughout Alaska
Kruse, J., Winton, L., Adams, G., Zogas, K., Swenson, S., and N. Lisuzzo
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 773 KB
Assessing post-fire tree survival in Oregon and Washington
R. A. Progar, L.Ganio,D. Scott, C. Schmitt, L. Spiegel, B. Hostetler, B. Wilhite, A. Eglitis, K. Chadwick, C. Mehmel, D. Goheen, S. Acker, A. Blum
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 1.4 MB
Using LandTrendr remote sensing to monitor insect effects on tree mortality and surface fuels in Oregon forests
Robert E. Kennedy, Garrett W. Meigs, Warren B. Cohen
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 2 MB
Monitoring oak health and decline before and after infestation by the goldspotted oak borer (GSOB), Agrilus auroguttatus
Tom W. Coleman, Nancy E. Grulke, and Steven J. Seybold
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 1.3 MB
Evaluating aspen damage and decline in the Pacific Northwest
Robbie W. Flowers & Glenn R. Kohler
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 1.7 MB
Evaluating Riparian Alder (Alnusspp.) Ecosystems in Western Oregon for the Presence of the Alder Phytophthora (Phytophthora alni Brasier& S.A. Kirk)
Alan Kanaskie, Ellen Goheen, Everett Hansen, Laura Sims, Wendy Sutton,Jon Laine, Michael Thompson
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 4 MB
Phytophthora ramorum Detection and Monitoring in Western Washington Waterways, 2010
Daniel Omdal and Amy Ramsey-Kroll
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 5 MB
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