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2007 FHM Poster Presentations

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  1. Air pollution increases forest susceptibility to wildfires in southern California
    Nancy Grulke¹, Richard Minnich², Tim Paine³, Phil Riggan¹
  2. An Evaluation of Urban Live Oaks In Gulfport, Mississippi Including One Very Unfortunate Event
    Dale A. Starkey¹, Ted Leininger², Ron Kertz³, Steve Oak⁴, and Bill Jones⁴
  3. Assessing aspen regeneration in East-Central Arizona
    Chris Hayes¹, Tom. DeGomez¹, MaryLou² Fairweather, and Brian Geils³
  4. Assessing distribution patterns and impacts of introduced plant species in the forests of the United States with Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Phase 3 Vegetation Indicator Data
    Beth Schulz
  5. Assessment of the 1998-2001 drought impact on forest health in Southeastern forests: an analysis of drought severity using FHM data
    R.J. Klos¹, G.G. Wang¹, and W.L. Bauerle¹
  6. Assessment of the Severity and Impact of Alder Dieback and Mortality in Alaska
    Lori Trummer, Roger Ruess, Jack McFarland
  7. Coming Soon … A Web-Based Tree Crown Condition Training and Evaluation Tool for Urban and Community Forestry
    Matthew F. Winn¹, Neil A. Clark¹, Philip A. Araman¹, Sang-Mook Lee³
  8. Distribution of Down Woody Material Components in the Hardwood Forests of the Eastern United States
    Zhaofei Fan, Stephen R. Shifley and Christopher W. Woodall
  9. Distribution, Species, and Ecology of Armillaria Fungi in Wyoming (2.2MB)
    J.T. Blodgett¹, and J.E. Lundquist¹
  10. Ecological Impacts of Invasive Species After Fire
    Leigh Dawson
  11. Effects of prescribing burning on tree scarring, crown vigor and plant species composition
    Aaron P. Stevenson, Rose-Marie Muzika, Richard P. Guyette
  12. Effects of Western Spruce Budworm Defoliation on the Northern Spotted Owl and Its Habitat in Southcentral Washington: Interim Project Report 2
    Elizabeth A. Willhite†, Vince Harke¹, Julie Johnson², Jim Ellenwood², Paul Dunham², Gina King³, Karen Ripley⁴, Rich Potter5
  13. Estimating Snag Densities and Down Wood Using Aerial Survey Data
    Keith Sprenge¹, Julie Johnson², Bruce Hostetler³, Kim Mellen-McLean⁴, Beth Willhite5
  14. Evaluating Black Ash (Fraxinus nigra) Decline in the Upper Midwest (2.4MB)
    K. Ward¹, E. Abdela², M. Ostry¹, R. Venette¹, B. Palik²
  15. Impacts of prescribed fires and ecological land types on the structure and dynamics of woody species of the Ozark Highland forest ecosystems, Missouri
    Zhaofei Fan; Daniel C. Dey; George W. Hartman
  16. Impacts of Swiss Needle Cast On Douglas-Fir in The Cascade Foothills of Northern Oregon: Five-Year Results
    Gregory Filip, Alan Kanaskie, Willis Littke and John Browning, Diane Hildebrand, and Douglas Maguire
  17. Incidence and Evaluation of a New Rust Disease on Myrtaceae in Hawaii: Puccinia psidii Winter, Guava Rust
    Anne Marie LaRosa¹ and Rob Hauff²
  18. Initial Effects of Fire and Fire Surrogate Treatments in Red Pine, Luce County, Michigan
    Rita M. Koch¹, Linda M. Haugen², Linda M. Nagel¹, Michael E. Ostry² and Andrew J. Storer¹
  19. Modeling the impact of drought severity on red maple growth in Southeastern forests
    R.J. Klos¹, W.L. Bauerle¹, and G.G. Wang¹
  20. Monitoring Host Selection Behavior and Progression of an Infestation by the Mountain Pine Beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins (Coleoptera: Scolytidae), in Mixed Stands of Limber Pine, Pinus flexilis James, and Lodgepole Pine, Pinus contorta latifolia Engelmann
    Diana K. Dean¹, Timothy R. Collier¹, David Legg¹, Elise G. Pendall¹, Steven J. Seybold²
  21. Monitoring Limber Pine Health in the Rocky Mountains (1.6MB)
    Brian Howell¹, Kelly Burns¹, Jim Blodgett², John Guyon³, Marcus Jackson⁴
  22. Monitoring Red Oak Decline and Mortality in the Ozark Highlands of Arkansas and Missouri
    Zhaofei Fan, Martin A. Spetich; Stephen R. Shifley; John M. Kabrick; Randy G. Jensen
  23. Monitoring the Condition of Aspen in the Northern and Intermountain Regions (INT-F-06-01)
    John C. Guyon II, James T. Hoffman and Leah D. Aquino
  24. Monitoring Whitebark Pine in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
    Gregg A. DeNitto¹, Erin Shanahan², Steve Cherry³, Robert E. Bennetts², Daniel P. Reinhart², Charles C. Schwartz⁴, Jody Canfield¹, Jennifer Birdsall² , Polly Buotte²
  25. National Phytophthora ramorum Early Detection Surveys in Forests
    Steve Oak¹, Jaesoon Hwang², Anthony Elledge¹, Jill Baker¹, Ed Yockey¹, and Borys Tkacz³
  26. Phytophthora ramorum Risk & Detection in Georgia
    James Johnson and Mark Raines,
  27. Phytophthora ramorum Survey and Monitoring in Western Washington
    Amy Ramsey and Dan Omdal
  28. Rapid Early Detection of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid and Beech Bark Disease In Michigan
    Roger Mech, Robert L. Heyd, William Radtke, Roger Mech
  29. Redbay: The Alive, The Dead, The Ugly (2MB)
    Laurie Reid¹ and James Johnson²
  30. Relationship of an Indicator of Lichen Species Richness to Air Pollution and Climate Variables Across the United States
    Mark J. Ambrose¹, Randall S. Morin², and Susan Will-Wolf³
  31. Site variables and stand factors associated with severe oak decline in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas
    Lisa Freeman¹, Eric Heitzman¹, and Dale Starkey²
  32. Spatial Tools for Managing Hemlock Woolly Adelgid in the Southern Appalachians (EM Project #03-DG-11083150-620)
    Frank Koch¹, Heather Cheshire, Hugh Devine,
  33. Status of sugar pine (Pinus lambertiana) at the northern edge of its range in northern Oregon
    David Doede¹ and Diane Hildebrand ²
  34. White Pine Blister Rust in Juvenile Western White Pine on State Lands in Washington
    Daniel Omdal, Amy Ramsey, Jeff Moore, and Melanie Kallas-Ricklefs
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