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2006 FHM Poster Presentations

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  1. A Simulation Study to Assess the Sensitivity of a Forest Health Monitoring Network to Outbreaks of Defoliating Insects
    Christopher B. Edgar and Thomas E. Burk
  2. Aerial Detection of Balsam Woolly Adelgid infestations on Subalpine Fir Using Lichen Cover
    David Overhulser1, Linda Geiser2, Alan Kanaskie1, Iral Ragenovich2, and Michael McWilliams1
  3. Assessment of the Rate of Progression of Butternut Canker in Vermont
    D.R. Bergdahl, T.F. Schmalz, D. Ruddell, H.B. Teillon, and S. Halik
  4. Assessment of the Severity and Impact of Alder Dieback and Mortality in Alaska
    Lori Trummer, Roger Ruess, and Jack McFarland
  5. An Analysis of Cornus florida Population Trends and Predicted Risk
    William E. Jones1, William D. Smith2, Daniel B. Twardus3, and Edwin K. Yockey1
  6. An Image-based Riparian Vegetation Inventory of Wyoming
    Bonnie Ruefenacht, Mark Finco, Ken Brewer, Tony Guay
  7. Are Oaks Declining in the United States?
    Christopher W. Woodall1, Stephen Shifley2, and Patrick Miles1
  8. Aspen Dieback and Decline in Northern Arizona
    Mary Lou Fairweather1, Kelly Barton2, Brian Geils3, and Mike Manthei4
  9. Beech Mortality and Drought in Maine
    Matthew T. Kasson1, William H. Livingston1, And David Struble2
  10. Conditions of Ash Trees in Recreational Sites of Lower Michigan With and Without Emerald Ash Borer
    John A. Witter1, Jennifer Stoyenoff1, and Andrew J. Storer2
  11. Distribution, Species, and Ecology of Armillaria Fungi in Wyoming
    J.T. Blodgett1, and J.E. Lundquist2
  12. Ecological Impacts of Invasive Species After Fire
    Leigh Dawson
  13. Effects of Western Spruce Budworm Defoliation on the Northern Spotted Owl and Its Habitat in Southcentral Washington: Interim Project Report
    Elizabeth A. Willhite
  14. Estimating Carbon in Forest-floor Duff and Litter from FIA Data, 2005 Update
    David C. Chojnacky1and Michael C. Amacher2
  15. Estimating Snag Densities Using Aerial Survey Data
    Keith Sprengel1, Julie Johnson2, Bruce Hostetler3, Kim Mellen4, Beth Willhite5
  16. Evaluation of Yellow-poplar Decline in Indiana
    Stephen G. Krecik and Philip T. Marshall
  17. Evaluating Environmental and Disturbance Conditions Associated with Invasive Plants Using Allegheny National Forest FHM Intensive Plot Data
    Cynthia D. Huebner, Randall Morin, Daniel Twardus, Ann Zurbriggen, Robert L. White, April Moore
  18. Evaluating the status of cypress canker on young Port-Orford-cedars in Coos County, Oregon
    Katy Mallams1, Alan Kanaskie2, Jon Laine2, Kevin Nelson2, Michael McWilliams2, and Michael Thompson2
  19. Forest Health Evaluation of Hurricane Katrina Tree Damage: De Soto National Forest, Mississippi
    James R. Meeker, Timothy J. Haley, Saul D. Petty and Jerry W. Windham
  20. Intensified Ozone Monitoring in Southern California
    Michael Arbaugh, Andrzej Bytnerowicz, Susan Determann, Susan Schilling, Michael McCorison, and James Allison
  21. Invasive, Nonnative Pests In Texas: An Increasing Forest Health Challenge
    Ronald F. Billings, Herbert A. Pase III, and Kim Camilli
  22. Major hurricanes from the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons
    Dennis M. Jacobs
  23. Monitoring and predicting populations of red oak borer in the Ozark Mountains
    F. Stephen1, M. Fierke1, L. Chapman1, D. Crook1, T. Dahl1, B. Kelley1, J. Riggins1, J. Tullis2, and V. Ware1
  24. Monitoring of Upland Pine Tree Vigor and Mortality on Fort Benning, GA/AL
    Robert N. Addington1,6, Wade C. Harrison1, Lori G. Eckhardt2, Roger D. Menard3,4, John K. Doresky5
  25. Monitoring Whitebark Pine in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
    Steve Cherry1, Charles C. Schwartz2, Gregg A. DeNitto3, Elizabeth Davy3, Melissa Jenkins3, Erin Shanahan4, Daniel P. Reinhart4, Robert E. Bennetts4,1 Mary Maj4
  26. Monitoring Blister Rust Spread and Establishment in the Central Rocky Mountains: Stage 2
    Kelly Sullivan Burns and Brian Howell
  27. Mountain Pine Beetle-Induced Changes in Lodgepole Pine Fuel Complexes
    Wesley G. Page, Michael J. Jenkins, Ph.D., Elizabeth G. Hebertson, Ph.D.
  28. National Phytophthora ramorum Early Detection Surveys for Forests 2003-2005
    Steve Oak1, Borys Tkacz2, Bill Smith3 and Ed Yockey1
  29. National Technology & Development Center Inventory and Monitoring Program
    Rey Farve and Bob Simonson
  30. Pinyon Pine and Juniper Mortality in Utah and Nevada: Extent, Severity, and Causal Agents
    Brytten Steed1, John Shaw2, and Gail Durham3
  31. Port-Orford-Cedar Mapping within the Biscuit Fire
    Frank Betlejewski
  32. Rapid Assessment Model for Determining Extent of Hurricane Damage
    Dennis M. Jacobs
  33. Real Time Estimation of Forest Fire Dangers
    Christopher W. Woodall1, Joseph Charney2, Greg Liknes1, and Brian Potter2
  34. Results of Aerial Surveys of Forested Lands Damaged by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in Southeast and Southwest Parishes, Louisiana
    Chris A.Steiner¹, William W.Bruce¹, Crawford W. Johnson¹, Saul D. Petty²
  35. Severity and impact of Douglas-fir beetle infestations in northern Wyoming
    Kurt K. Allen, Denise M. Hardesty and Daniel F. Long
  36. Short-term Impacts Of Prescribed Fire And Thinning On Ant Diversity In Loblolly And Shortleaf Pine Ecosystems
    Stephen Clarke, Jerry Cook, Sam Houston
  37. Soil Conditions Across Virginia, 2000 – 2002
    Anita K. Rose
  38. Stand level impacts of Ips and Dendroctonus bark beetles in pine forest types of Northern Arizona
    Joel McMillin1, John Anhold1, Neil Cobb2, Jose Negrón3, Jesse Anderson2
  39. Sudden Oak Death in Oregon Forests, 2001-2005
    Alan Kanaskie1, Michael McWilliams1, Jon Laine1, Ellen Goheen2, Bob Schroeter2, Everett Hansen3, Wendy Sutton3, Nancy Osterbauer4, Michael Thompson1, Kevin Nelson1, and Harvey Timeus1
  40. Sudden Oak Death (SOD) Survey and Monitoring in Western Washington
    Dan Omdal, Amy Ramsey, and Melanie Kallas-Ricklefs, Washington State Department of Natural Resources
  41. Survey for asymptomatic persistence of Sphaeropsis sapinea on or in stems of red pine seedlings from seven Great Lakes region nurseries
    G.R. Stanosz and D.R. Smith
  42. The Distribution of Mercury in a Forest Floor Transect
    Charles H. (Hobie) Perry1, Michael C. Amacher2, William F. Cannon3, Randall K. Kolka4, Laurel G. Woodruff5
  43. The Effects of Prescribed Fire and Mechanical Treatments on Insect Pests and Pathogens of Red Pine at Muskrat Lakes, Luce County, Michigan
    Andrew J. Storer1, Rita M. Koch1, Linda M. Haugen2, Linda M. Nagel1, and Michael E. Ostry2
  44. The Gypsy Moth Event Monitor for FVS: A Tool for Forest and Pest Managers
    Kurt W. Gottschalk, Anthony W. Courter
  45. The Vermont Monitoring Cooperative A Long-Term Forest Health and Air Quality Monitoring Resource for Vermont
    Sean Lawson
  46. Tracking the Distribution and Severity of Balsam Woolly Adelgid (BWA)
    Laustsen, Kenneth M., Maine Forest Service Crews
  47. Two-Lined Chestnut Borer Risk Assessment in North Central Minnesota
    Jim Rack, Mike Albers and Jana Albers
  48. Update: Estimate of Oak and Tanoak Mortality Caused by Phytophthora ramorum in California Forests
    Meentemeyer, R.1, Shoemaker, D. A.1, Cushman, H.2, Swiecki, T. J.3, Rizzo, D. M.4
  49. Urban Tree Crown Evaluation Efforts
    Neil Clark, Philip Araman, Sang-Mook Lee
  50. Urban Focus Group 2005 Update
    Anne Buckelew Cumming and Dan Twardus
  51. Vegetation structure and diversity on the Caribbean island of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
    Sonja N. Oswalt1, Britta P. Dimick2, and Thomas J. Brandeis3
  52. Vermont Fall Foliage and Tree Phenology in 2005 - An Unusual Year
    Sean T. Lawson1,2, Thomas S. Simmons1
  53. Vetiver Grass Removes Lead From Firing Range Soil
    Wilde, E. W., Brigmon, R. L., Dunn, D. L., Heitkamp, M. A., Dagnan, D. C.
  54. Where Has All the Root Rot Gone? Ground truthing bear and root disease damage in Western Washington
    Daniel Omdal, Melanie Kallas-Ricklefs, and Jeff Moore
  55. White Pine Blister Rust in Juvenile Western White Pine on State Lands in Washington
    Daniel Omdal, Amy Ramsey, and Melanie Kallas-Ricklefs, Washington State Department of Natural Resources
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