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  Immediate Effects of Flooding on Forest Trees in Eastern North Carolina
Rob Trickel and Jim Steinman    
  Mapping Susceptibility Associated with Beech Bark Disease
  Sandy Liebhold1, Randall Morin1, Andy Lister2, Kurt Gottschalk1, Daniel Twardus3, and Eugene Luzader1
Evaluation of the Viability of the Butternut Resource
  Kurt W. Gottschalk1, Michael E. Ostry2, Randall S. Morin1 and Andrew M. Liebhold1
  Ground Checking Aerial Survey Polygons Identified as Douglas-fir Beetle Caused Damage in Washington in 2001
  Karen L. Ripley, Robert W. Backman, Jeffrey W. Moore
  Comparison of Alternatives to Measuring Crown Diameters with Logger’s Tapes
  William A. Bechtold 1 Manfred E. Mielke 2 Stanley J. Zarnoch 1
  Standardization, Residualization, and Adjusted Statistical Thresholds for Forest Health Indicators
  William A. Bechtold 1 Stanley J. Zarnoch 1 Michael E. Schomaker 2
  A Model for Interfacing with FHM data for Estimating Fire-related Characteristics
  Patrick Proctor1, Paul C. VanDeusen1, Linda S. Heath2, and Jeffrey H. Gove2
  Sub-Boreal Beetles in Wind-Disturbed And Prescribed-Burned Forests
  K. J. Gandhi1*, P. Anderson2, D. W. Gilmore3, R. A. Haack4, W. J. Mattson5, J. C. Zasada2 & S. J. Seybold1
  Mapping Susceptibility Associated with the Gypsy Moth
Andrew Liebhold1, Randall Morin1, Andy Lister2, Kurt Gottschalk1, Daniel Twardus3, and Eugene Luzader1
  Mapping Susceptibility Associated with the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
  Andrew Liebhold1, Randall Morin1, Andy Lister2, Kurt Gottschalk1, Daniel Twardus3, and Eugene Luzader1
  Snag Dynamics in Pacific Northwest Forests
   Janet L. Ohmann
  Strategies for Managing Noxious and Invasive Plants in Alaska
  Michael Shephard, Corlene Rose, and Roger Burnside
  Sudden Oak Death in CA: P2 Plot Remeasurement
  Sally Campbell, Jeremy Fried, Paul Guarnaccia, Susan Frankel, Lisa Levien, Maggi Kelly, University of California, Berkeley
  Potential Susceptibility of Eastern Forests to Sudden Oak Death, Phytophthora ramorum
  Kurt W. Gottschalk, Randall S. Morin and Andrew M. Liebhold
  Indiana Urban Forest Health Monitoring Pilot Test - Stage 1
  Philip T. Marshall, Matt Lake
  Watershed Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) Soil Erosion Rates FOR FIA/FHM Phase 3 Plots in Idaho
  M.C. Amacher1, K.P. O’Neill2, and B.L. Conkling3
  The Use of Remotely Sensed Data for the Detection, Mapping, Monitoring of Sudden Oak Death
  Lisa M. Levien, Chris S. Fischer, Lianne C. Mahon and Jeff A. Mai
  Assessment of Loblolly Pine Decline in Central Alabama
  Nolan J. Hess, William J. Otrosina, Emily A. Carter, Jim Steinman, John P. Jones, Lori G. Eckhardt, Graduate Student, Ann Weber, Charles Walkinshaw
  Aerial Survey to Detect Tree Mortality and Bear Damage in Western Oregon
  Alan Kanaskie, Michael McWilliams, Dave Overhulser, Richard Christian, Jim Mair
  Leptographium Species a Component of Loblolly Pine Decline
  L. Eckhardt1, J. Jones1, N. Hess2 and E. Carter3
  The Occurrence of Phytophthora cinnamomi on Loblolly Decline Sites in Alabama
  A.Weber1, J.Jones1,N.Hess2, E. Carter3, and J. Stienman4
  Aerial Surveys for Swiss Needle Cast in Western Oregon
  Alan Kanaskie1, Michael McWilliams1, Keith Sprengel2, Dave Overhulser1, and Jack Prukop1
  Sudden Oak Death In Oregon
  Michael McWilliams1, Alan Kanaskie1, Everett Hansen2, Ellen Goheen3, Nancy Osterbaeuer4, Wendy Sutton2, and Dave Overhulser1
  Western balsam bark beetle use of spruce-fir blowdown in Wyoming
Kurt K. Allen, Daniel F. Long, Joel D. McMillin & Jose F. Negron
  Base Cations In Northern Red Oak Trees, Soils, and Surface Waters of Shenandoah National Park, VA
  J.R. Webb, B.J. Cosby, J.C. Blankinship, D.L. Welsch and F.A. Deviney, Jr.
Impacts of Introduced Basswood Thrips on Forest Health in the Great Lakes Region: Relationships with Predators and Host Plants
Shahla M. Werner, Kenneth F. Raffa,
  Phyl-ins and Photography
FHTET's Aerial Photography Team
    Reporting on FIA’s Forest-Land Indicators for the Northeastern US
  William H. McWilliams, Richard A. Birdsey, Charles J. Barnett, Todd W. Bowersox, Brett J. Butler, Daniel A. Devlin, Patrick Brose, Connie Carpenter, Stephen W. Evans, Linda S. Heath, John L. Hom, Kurt W. Gottschalk, Michael L. Hoppus, Jennifer C. Jenkins, Kenneth M. Laustsen, Andrew J. Lister, Tonya W. Lister, Barbara M. O’Connell, Brian M. LaPointe, Kevin McCullough, Richard A. McCullough, Manfred Mielke, Peter S. Murdoch, Yude Pan, Gordon C. Reese, Rachel Riemann, Kim C. Steiner, James R. Steinman, Margaret Weeks, Eric H. Wharton, and Richard H. Widmann.
    Screening Native Plants of Northeastern United States and Southern Spain for Sensitivity to Ozone
    T. Orendovici, J.M. Skelly, M.J. Sanz, G. Smith, J.E. Savage, J.A. Ferdinand
  Detection of Tropospheric Ozone in North Central Pennsylvania Utilizing Passive Samplers and Bioindicator Plants
  D.E.Yuska1, J.M.Skelly2, J. A. Ferdinand3, J. E. Savage3, R. E. Stevensen2, J. D. Mulik4 and A. Hines4
  Evaluation of Ozone Sensitve Species Within Bioindicator Plots Associated with the USDA-Forest Service, Forest Health Monitoring Program in Pennsylvania and Pennslyvania Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Air Quality and the US EPA Sites
  J.E. Savage, J.M. Skelly, J.A. Ferdinand, D.E. Yuska, G. Smith, and T. Hall
  Soil Physical Characteristics of Loblolly Pine Decline Sites in Central Alabama
  N.J. Hess, A.J. Goddard, and W.J. Otrosina, J.P. Jones, L.G. Eckhardt, and A. Weber
  Monitoring the Effects of Extreme Climate Disturbances On Forest Health in the Northeast U.S.
  Allan N. D. Auclair Warren E. Heilman    
  Evaluation and Monitoring of Swiss Needle Cast in the Oregon Cascades    
  Floyd Freeman, Greg Filip, Greg Johnson, Will Littke, Nancy Lankford, Phil Jaspers, Alan Kanaske, Tim Truax, Erik Lease, Fred Kallien