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  Three Years of Swiss Needle Cast Aerial Survey in Washington State 1998 - 2000
  D. Omdal, J. Moore, C. Burns
Montana FIA Plot Analysis for Fire Hazard Using Forest Vegetation Simulator Model
  Dave Atkins, Janet Krivacek, Renee Lundberg
  Assessing Restoration Oportunities for a Northern Region
  David Atkins
  Does Long-term Crown Injury from Ozone Affect Bole Growth of Pines in the Southern Sierra Nevada?
  M. J. Arbaugh, J. Pronos, S. Schilling
  Lichen Communities in Colarado's Park Range and the Influence of Two Coal Fired Power Plants
  Eric B. Peterson and Peter Neitlich
  Sampling Structure and Diversity of Old-growth Forests in the Pacific Northwest: Effect of Plot Size
  Andrew N. Gray
  Forest Help Monitoring Soil Measurements Important Initial Findings
  C.J. Palmer and B.L. Conkling
  Geographic Distribution of "Champion Mine" Strain of White Pine Blister Rust (Cronartium ribicola) in the Pacific Northwest
Richard A. Sniezko, Bohun Kinloch, Gayle Dupper
  The Relationship Between Visible Ozone Injury and Ambient Ozone Exposures
  Rhonda Mathison, Teague Prichard, Ed Jepsen, Gretchen Smith
  Impacts of Western Basalm Bark Beetle on Forest Conditions of the Bighorn National Forest
   Joel D. McMillin, Kurt K. Allen, Jeri Lyn Harris
  New Hampshire Evaluation Monitoring Project
  Jennifer Bofinger and Kyle Lombard
  A Comparison of the Repeatability of FIA Phase 2 and Phase 3 Vegetation Measurement Protocols
  Robert Haberman
  Ozone Interactions with Black Cherry
  Ed Jepsen and Dr. Jim Bennett
  Assessing Vegetation Restoration Opportunities for a Northern Region Resources Planning Act Alternative Using Forest Inventory and Assessment Permanent Plot Data and the Landscape Model, Simulating Vegetative Patterns and Processes at Landscape Scales
  David Atkins
  Great Lakes Basswood Decline Evaluation
  Shahla M. Werner, Kenneth F. Raffa, John Witter, Jessica Jeffries
  Using FIA Data to Characterize the Condition White Bark Pine in Montana
  Jane E. Taylor and David C. Atkins
  Indiana's Classified Forest Health
  Philip T. Marshall and Don Stump
  Indiana Forest Health Monitoring Baseline Data Summary
  Philip T. Marshall and Don Stump
  Forest Health Processes on the Allegheny National Forest: Integrating Aerial Survey and Plot Data
  R. Morin, A. Liebhold, K. Gottschalk, S. Horsley, E. Luzader, D. Twardus, R. Acciavatti, R. White W. Smith
  Development of a Protocol for Monitoring Status and Trends in Forest Soil Carbon at a National Level
  C.J. Palmer, W. D. Smith, B.L. Conkling
  Aerial Surveys for Swiss Needle Cast in Western Oregon
  Alan Kanaskie, Mike McWilliams, Keith Sprengel, Dave Overhulser, and Jack Prukop
  Ozone Biomonitoring on the West Coast
  Sally Campbell