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Evaluation Monitoring Funded Proposals


FY 2013 Fire Evaluation Monitoring Proposals

FY 2013 Fire Evaluation Monitoring Funded Projects (PDF)
Proposal No. Title Investigator  Year  Allocation
All Years Proposals
INT Regional Projects  
INT-EM-F-11-04 Impacts of Management following bark beetle outbreaks on fuels and predicted fire behavior under varying climate Allen - R2 FHP
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INT-EM-F-12-01 Implement Interagency Whitebark Pine Monitoring for the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem K.Legg, NPS GRYN
2 of 3
INT-EM-F-12-02 Bark Beetles and Southwestern Ponderosa Pine: Fuel Loading and Susceptibility Rating M.Hansen, RMS
2 of 2
INT-EM-F-13-02 Effects of Spruce Beetle (SB) Outbreaks on Fuels, Carbon and Stand Structure and Composition in Utah and Western Wyoming Chris Fettig, Pacific Southwest Research Station
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NC Region Projects    
NC-EM-F-13-01 Impact of wildfire disturbance & salvage harvesting 6 years after prescribed burning & harvesting treatments in red pine Storer, MTU
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NE Regional Projects

Impact of Southern Pine Beetle on Fuel Loading and Fire Danger in Wildfire-prone Landscapes

Clark, NRS
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SO Regional Projects
SO-EM-F-12-01 Post-hurricane Fuel Dynamics and its Implication to Fire Behavior G.Wang, Clemson U
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WC Regional Projects
WC-EM-F-12-01 Tree Mortality and Increased Fuels following Severe Defoliation by Pine Tree Mortality and Increased Fuels following Severe Defoliation by Pine Butterfly in Oregon – Assessing the Aftermath of the 2008-2011 Epidemic R.Flowers, D.Shaw OSU
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WC-EM-F-13-01 Early detection of P. ramorum lineages in Oregon forests using genetic markers Kanaskie, ODF
1 of 3
WC-EM-F-13-02 Detection and impact of an invasive insect-disease complex, the Polyphagous shot hole borer, Euwallacea sp., and its mutualistic new Fusarium species, in southern California Eskalen, UCR
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WC-EM-F-13-03 Post-mountain pine beetle lodgepole pine forests: Assessing fire behavior and fire effects in the recently burned Pole Creek Fire area on the Sisters Ranger District, Deschutes National Forest Fitzgerald, OSU
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Last modified: August 20, 2013