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National Forest Health Monitoring

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Evaluation Monitoring Funded Proposals


FY 2010 Fire Evaluation Monitoring Proposals

FY 2010 Fire Evaluation Monitoring Funded Projects (PDF)
Proposal No. Title Investigator  Year  Allocation
All Years Proposals
INT Regional Projects  
INT-F-08-01 Evaluating and Monitoring Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation in Fire-Damaged Ponderosa and Lodgepole Pine Stands. Darren Blackford, FHP R4
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INT-F-09-01 Bark Beetle Outbreaks in Ponderosa Pine and Douglas-fir Forests: Implications for Fuels, Fire, and Management Under Different Climate Scenarios Carolyn Seig, RMS
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INT-EM-F-10-01 Development of a monitoring program to detect and predict pandora moth outbreaks in northern Arizona Ryan Hanavan, FHP R3
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INT-EM-F-10-02 Fuel and Fire Behavior in High Elevation Five Needle Pines Affected by Mountain Pine Beetle
Michael Jenkins, Utah State University
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INT-EM-F-10-03 Quantifying the short- and long-term impacts of mountain pine beetle (MPB) outbreaks on forest conditions in the Intermountain West Chris Fettig, PSWRS
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NC Region Projects    
NC-F-09-02 Impact of climate change-induced drought and temperature stress on oak decline/mortality, fuel build-up and fire risk in the Ozarks: Developing a prospective oak decline/mortality and fuel model based on retrospective analyses of the USFS FIA/FHM plots and NOAA historical climate data in the Ozark Plateau W. Keith Moser, Zhaofei Fan, Mark H. Hansen, Stephen R. Shifley

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NC-EM-F-10-04 The impact of invasive plant species on central hardwood forest ecosystems Keith Moser, NRS and Songlin Fei, U of Kentucky
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SO Regional Projects
SO-F-09-03 Fuel Dynamics in Southern Pine Beetle Killed Stands and its Implication to Fire Behavior Geoff Wang, Clemson U.
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SO-EM-F-10-01 Impact of Climate Change on Forest Health in the Southeast US: Constructing a Hierarchical Framework to Integrate Downscaled NASA’s Climate Data, MODIS’ NDVI and FIA/FHM Plots to Quantify and Forecast the Responses of Health Indicators to Climate and Environmental Stresses at Multiple Levels Martin Spetich, SRS, Zhaofei Fang, Miss. State Univ.
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WC Regional Projects
WC-F-08-03 Monitoring Survival of Fire-injured Trees in Oregon and Washington Robert Progar, USFS PNW
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WC-F-09-01 Long-term Monitoring of White Pine Blister Rust Infection and Survival at 10 Sugar Pine Evaluation Sites Jerry Hill, Rich Sniezko DGRC, Ellen Goheen FHP R6
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WC-F-09-02 Testing a new satellite-image analysis technique to monitor pest related-, fire-, and postfire-mortality in the Northwest Forest Plan area of Oregon Warren Cohen, PNW
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WC-EM-F-10-01 Monitoring oak health and decline before and after infestation by the goldspotted oak borer (GSOB), Agrilus coxalis Tom Coleman, FHP R5, Nancy Grulke, Steve Seybold, PSWRS
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WC-EM-F-10-02 Elkhorn & Eagle Cap Whitebark Pine Permanent Plot Re-measurements Victoria Rockwell, Wallowa Whitman NF
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Last modified: September 27, 2010