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National Forest Health Monitoring

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Evaluation Monitoring Funded Proposals


FY 2006 Fire Evaluation Monitoring Proposals

FY 2006 Fire Evaluation Monitoring Funded Projects (PDF)
Proposal No. Title Investigator  Year  Allocation Unit Fund Code
All Years Proposals
INT Regional Projects    
INT-F-04-01 Understanding the effects of fire management practices on forest health: implications for weeds and vegetation structure Anne E. Black/RMRS 3 of 3 $38,000 R2 - SPS4
INT-F-05-02 Evaluation and Monitoring of Whitebark Pine Regeneration After Fire in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area Lauren Fins, U of ID 2 of 3 $61,000 R1 - SPS4
INT-F-06-01 Monitoring the condition of aspen in the Northern and Intermountain Regions John Guyon, FHP R4; Jim Hoffman, FHP R4; Marcus Jackson, FHP R1 1 of 3 34,000
R4 - SPS4
INT-F-06-02 Potential fire hazard following bark beetle outbreak in pinon-juniper woodlands Jerome Jenkins 1 of 1 $23,000 Santa Clara Tribe, R3 - SPS5
INT-F-06-03 Mountain pine beelte in lodgepole pine: Mortality and fire implications Sheryl Costello 1 of 2 $32,000 FHP R2 R2 - SPS4


Monitoring tree deterioration following stand-destroying wildfires Roy Mask 1 of 2 $48,000 FHP R2 R2 - SPS4
NC-F-04-01 Interactions of Prescribed Fire and Insect and Disease Pests in Red Pine Andrew Storer 3 of 3 $34,000 Mich Tech NA - SPS5
NC-F-04-03 Fire season "Real Time" estimation of fuel moisture fluctuations in regional down woody material inventories during a fire season Joseph Charney, Chris Woodall 3 of 3 $27,000 NA - SPS5
NC-F-05-03 Multi-scale modeling and mapping coarse woody debris Stephen Shifley 2 of 2 $48,000 NCRS; Zhaofei Fan, U of MO NA - SPS5
NC-F-05-04 The distribution of mercury in a forest floor transect C.H. Perry 2 of 2 $22,000 NRCS NA - SPS5
NC-F-06-01 Assessing indicator sensitivity for monitoring the effects of woody encroachment and restoration on forest health in oak savannas and woodlands in Central Iowa Heidi Asbjornsen 1 of 3 $32,000 ISU NA - SPS5
NC-F-06-02 Effects of prescribed fire on upland oak forest ecosystems in Missouri Ozarks Daniel Dey, Zhaofei Fan 1 of 3 $45,000 NA - SPS5
SO Regional Projects
SO-F-05-04 Locate, map and establish long-term monitoring of exotic-invasive plant species in the Southern Appalacian Mts. Jack Ranney 2 of 3 $37,000 R8 - SPS4
SO-F-06-01 Fuel Characterization in the Southern Appalachian Mountains – A Test of FIA’s Down Woody Material Indicator for Regional Fuel Estimation Geoff Wang$53,000 1 of 2 $53,000 R8 - SPS5
WC Regional Projects
WC-F-06-05 Estimating snag densities and down wood with aerial survey data Keith Sprengel 1 of 2 $28,000 FHP R6 R6 - SPS4  
WC-F-06-06 Ecological impacts of invasive species after fire Leigh Dawson, Wallowa Whitman NF 1 of 3 $14,000 R6 - SPS4  
Total - Pending BEs       $576,000
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Last modified: April 7, 2009