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National Forest Health Monitoring

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Evaluation Monitoring Funded Proposals


FY 2006 Base Evaluation Monitoring Proposals

FY 2006 Base Evaluation Monitoring Funded Projects (PDF)
Proposal No. Title Investigator  Year  Fund Unit Fund Code
All Years Proposals
INT Regional Projects    
INT-EM-04-01 Alder Dieback and Mortality in the Southern and Central Rocky Mountains: Extent, Severity and Cause Jim Worrall 3 of 3 $34,500 R2 - SPFH
INT-EM-04-04 Distribution, Species, and Ecology of Armillaria Fungi in Wyoming James Blodgett, FHP R2 and John Lundquist, RMRS 3 of 3 $19,000 R2 - SPFH
INT-EM-05-04 Monitoring Host Selection Behavior and Progression of Infestation by the Mountain Pine Beetle, in Mixed Stands of Limber and Lodgepole Pine Alexandre V. Latchininsky, U. WY 2 of 3 $16,500 R2 - SPFH
INT-EM-06-01 The Influence of Wolves on Decline in Aspen Communities in Northeastern Arizona Tom DeGomez, Univ. of AZ 1 of 2 $23,000 R3 - SPFH
INT-EM-06-03 Monitoring limber pine health in the Rocky Mountains Kelly Burns, FHP R2 1 of 3 $40,000 R2 - SPFH
NC Regional Projects
NC-EM-05-02 Evaluating black Ash (Fraxinus nigra) Decline in the upper Midwest Brian Palik 2 of 2 $40,000 NCRS NA - SPCH
NC-EM-05-04 A multi-scale remote sensing approach for quantifying regional impacts of insect defoliators Brian R. Sturtevant 2 of 2 $50,000 NCRS NA - SPFH
NC-EM-06-01 Assessment of decline and contributing diseases in white ash stands in Michigan Gerard Adams 1 of 3 $25,000 MSU NA - SPCH
NE Regional Projects
NE-EM-05-01 Evaluating environmental and disturbance conditions associated with invasive plants using the ANF Forest Cynthia Huebner 2 of 2 $10,000 NERS NA - SPFH
NE-EM-06-03 Assessment of butternut canker on public and private lands in the eastern U.S

Kelly Burns

Dale Bergdahl

1 of 2 $95,000




SO Regional Projects
SO-EM-05-01 Validation of FHM/FIA data for predicting dogwood occurrence in conjunction with a dogwood anthracnose hazard risk rating system William E. Jones 2 of 2 $20,000 Region 8, FHP R8 - SPFH
SO-EM-06-03 Modeling drought effects on forest health in the Southeast William Bauerle 1 of 2 $52,000 Clemson Univ. R8 - SPCH
SO-EM-06-04 Regional oak decline-related and regular oak mortality predictions of extent and severity Martin Spetich 1 of 2 $48,500 SRS R8 - SPCH
WC Regional Projects    
WC-EM-04-04 White Pine Blister Rust in Juvenile Western White Pine on State Lands in Washington Daniel Omdal 3 of 3 $7,000 WA DNR R6 - SPCH
WC-EM-05-03 Intensified Ozone Monitoring and Assessment of Ozone Impacts on Conifers in Southern California Michael Arbaugh and Andrzej Bytnerowicz 2 of 2 $24,000 PSWRS R6 - SPFH
WC-EM-05-04 Assessment of the extent, severity, and impact of alder dieback and mortality in Alaska Lori Trummer 2 of 2 $9,500 USFS R10, FHP R6 - SPFH
WC-EM-06-01 Effects of western spruce budworm defoliation on the northern spotted owl and its habitat in southcentral WA Beth Wilhite 1 of 2 $29,500 FHP R6 R6 - SPFH
WC-EM-06-03 Ecological impacts of drought stress in AK birch stands Robert Ott, 1 of 1 $19,000 AK DNR R6 - SPCH
Total - PBA       $700,000
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Last modified: April 7, 2009