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National Forest Health Monitoring

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Evaluation Monitoring Funded Proposals

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FY 2004 Fire Evaluation Monitoring Proposals

Proposal No. Title Investigator Year Fund  
INT Regional Projects
INT-F-04-01 Understanding the effects of fire management practices on forest health: implications for weeds and vegetation structure Anne E. Black/RMRS 1 of 3
All Years Proposals
INT-F-04-02 Characterization of fuels complexes in stands affected by the spruce beetle Michael Jenkins, USU 1 of 2 $27,600
NC Regional Projects
NC-F-03-01 Supporting the National Fire Plan with Maps and digital Data Layers Ron McRoberts, NC FIA 2 of 2 $18,562
NC-F-04-01 Interactions of Prescribed Fire and Insect and Disease Pests in Red Pine Linda Haugen/USDA FS 1 of 3 $36,151
NC-F-04-02 Effects of Prescribed Burning on Indicators of Forest Health in Oak Savannas and Woodlands of Iowa: Implications for Ecological Monitoring and Restoration Heidi Asbjornsen/
Iowa State University
1 of 3
NC-F-04-03 Fire Season “Real Time” Estimation of Fuel Moisture Fluctuations in Regional Down Woody Material Inventories Joseph J. Charney 1 of 3 $27,000
SO Regional Projects
SO-F-04-01 Duff and litter estimation for eastern US David Chojnacky, FIARE, 1 of 1 $30,000
SO-F-01-03 Assessing contribution of down and standing deadwood biomass and decay on fuels and wildland fire risk across the southeastern US Robert Mickler, Steve McNulty/ NCSU 4 of 3 defunded $85000 in 02 $85,000
WC Regional Projects
WC-F-01-5 Monitoring Sudden Oak Death in Oregon (ground survey, aerial survey, and aerial photography) Alan Kanaskie/ODF 3 of 3 $67,900
WC-F-02-04 Effect of Swiss needle cast on crown structure of Douglas-fir as it relates to fire risk and potential fire behavior in western OR Alan Kanaskie/ODF, Douglas Maguire/OSU 3 of 3 $8,000
WC-F-04-03 Southern California Forest Heath Assessment - Analysis of Status and Trend, Post Drought -induced Bark Beetle Mortality Events of 2002-2003

Ralph Warbington,
Ecosystem Planning
Staff, Pacific Southwest Region

1 of 1 $100,000
WC-EM-04-01 An Assessment of White Pine Blister Rust on High Elevation White Pines
in California

John Kliejunas, USFS - Pacific Southwest Region 1 of 2 6,000
WC-EM-04-02 Status of 5-needle pines in Washington and northern Oregon (with emphasis on high elevation stands with whitebark pine, Pinus albicaulis Dave Doede, Carol Aubry 1 of 1 27,300
Total       $574,513  


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