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National Forest Health Monitoring

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Evaluation Monitoring Funded Proposals


FY 2004 Base Evaluation Monitoring Proposals

Proposal No. Title Investigator Year Fund  
INT Regional Projects
All Years Proposals
INT-EM-03-01 Stand level impacts of Ips and Dendroctonus bark beetles in pine forest types of Northern Arizona John Anhold, Region 3, FHP 2 of 3 $42,000
INT-EM-03-02 Impacts to Aspen Communities in Northern Arizona Mary Lou Fairweather, Region 3, FHP 2 of 3 $16,000
INT-EM-04-02 Monitoring the Status and Condition of Whitebark Pine in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Chuck Schwartz, USGS 1 of 2 $45,000
INT-EM-04-05 Monitoring white pine blister rust spread and establishment in the central Rocky Mountains, Stage 2 Kelly F. Sullivan, USFS, R2 1 of 1 $37,500
NC Regional Projects
NC-EM-01-01 Climate and Air Quality Indicators of Risk to Forest Health: An On-line GIS for Integrating Climate and FHM Information Allan Auclair/USDA APHIS 3 of 3 $33,000
NC-EM-02-02 Rapid Early Detection of Beech Bark Disease And Hemlock Wooly Adelgid in Michigan: Year 3 Roger Mech, MI DNR 3 of 3 $31,500
NC-EM-03-02 Soil Compaction Effects on Site Productivity and Organic Matter Storage in Aspen Stands of the Great Lakes States Randy Kolka, NCRS 2 of 3 $37,600
NC-EM-03-04 Evaluating the distribution and structure of epidemic populations of Sphaeropsis sapinea Glen Stanosz, U. Wisconsin 2 of 2 $40,058
NC-EM-04-01 Forest Health Evaluation of Reported Yellow-poplar, Ash, and Bitternut Hickory Decline Phil Marshall, Indiana Division of Forestry 1 of 1 $7,500
NC-EM-04-02 Developing a Damage Threshold for Dwarf Mistletoe Infested Spruce Stands Fred Baker, Utah State Univ. 1 of 2 $35,794
NE Regional Projects
NE-EM-03-02 The Impact of Balsam Woolly Adelgid (Adelges piceae) on Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea) Stands in New England Henry Trial, Maine Forest Service 2 of 2 $43,727
NE-EM-04-02 Historical and regional analysis of beech bark disease impacts Andrew Liebhold, USFS - Morgantown, WV 1 of 1 $29,158
NE-EM-04-03 Assessment of Forest Health and Forest Sensitivity to Nitrogen and Sulfur Deposition in New England Linda Pardo, USFS - Durham, NH 1 of 2 $34,347
SO Regional Projects
SO-EM-04-01 Drought Impact on Forest Heath in the Southeast - An Analysis Based on FHM/FIA data G. Geoff Wang, Clemson Univ. 1 of 2 $39,362
SO-EM-04-03 Development of geospatial techniques for the prediction and assessment of red oak decline due to red oak borer Fred Stephen, Univ. of AR 1 of 2 $35,000
SO-EM-04-04 A spatial cluster of poor crown conditions: Evaluating results from crown indicators and spatial scan statistics Mike Schomaker, UNLV 1 of 2 $30,000
WC Regional Projects
WC-EM-03-01 An Assessment of Insects and Pathogens Associated with Declining Dry Forest Ecosystems in Hawaii John Wenz, FHP, Stanislaus N.F. 2 of 2 $22,000
Total       $709,546  


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