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U.S. Forest Service
Caring for the land and serving people

United States Department of Agriculture

Forest Health Protection Contacts

National Program — Washington Office, Washington, DC

Mail: Forest Service-USDA
Stop Code 1110
1400 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20250-1110
Phone: (202) 649-1191
FAX: (703) 605-5353

Washington Office Staff
Name Title Contact
Vacant FHP Director  
Rick Cooksey FHP Deputy Director (Acting Director) Email:
Phone: (703) 605-5332
Vanessa Lopez, PhD Invasive Plants National Program Manager Email:
Phone: (202) 570-9764
Tom Eager, PhD National Program Manager, Forest Health Monitoring Email:
Phone: (703) 605-5344
Shray Jackson Administrative Support Assistant Email:
Phone: (202) 649-1191
Helen Cortés Program Analyst
FHP Website Contact
Phone: (202) 649-1193
Hylah Jacques Budget Analyst Email:
Phone: (703) 605-5345
Robert Rabaglia Entomologist Email:
Phone: (703) 605-5338
Stephen A. Covell Biological Scientist Email:
Phone: (703) 605-5342
Vacant Forest Health Specialist  
Bruce Moltzan Pathologist Email:
Phone: (703) 605-5336

Forest Health Assessment & Applied Sciences Team (FHAAST) — Morgantown, WV

Mail: Forest Service-USDA
180 Canfield Street
Morgantown, WV 26505
Phone: (304) 285-1563
FAX: (304) 285-1564

Morgantown, WV Staff
Name Title Contact
Denise Binion Visual Information Specialist Email:
Phone: (304) 285-1552
Richard C. Reardon Progam Manager, Biological Control Email:
Phone: (703) 605-5344
Yun Wu Plant Pathologist Email:
Phone: (304) 285-1594

Forest Health Assessment & Applied Sciences Team (FHAAST) — Fort Collins, CO

Mail: Forest Service-USDA
2150 Centre Avenue, Bldg. A. Suite 331
Fort Collins, CO 80526
Phone: (970) 295-5839
FAX: (970) 295-5815

Fort Collins, CO Staff
Name Title Contact
Frank Sapio FHAAST Director Email:
Phone: (970) 295-5846
Chris Dietrich Program Manager, Software Applications Email:
Phone: (970) 295-5846
Frank Krist Program Manager, GIS and Spatial Analysis Email:
Phone: (970) 295-5845
Jeff Mai Program Manager, Aviation Safety and Aerial Survey Email:
Phone: (970) 295-5878
William B. Monahan Program Manager, Quantitative Analysis Email:
Phone: (970) 295-5841
Stephanie Stone Program Specialist Email:
Phone: (970) 295-5839
Fort Collins, CO Contract Staff
Name Title Contact
Colton Arnspiger Remote Sensing Technician Email:
Phone: (970) 295-5844
Erin Berryman Quantitative Ecologist Email:
Phone: (970) 295-5870
John Cowardin IT Analyst/Application Software Email:
Phone: (970) 295-5868
Robert Doctor IT Analyst/Systems Administration Email:
Phone: (970) 295-5876
Nathan Edberg IT Analyst/Application Software Email:
Phone: (970) 295-5849
Randy Frosh IT Analyst/Application Software Email:
Phone: (970) 295-5865
Nichole Haworth Program Manager Email:
Phone: (970) 295-5507
Jeanine Paschke GIS Analyst Email:
Phone: (970) 295-5871
Sheryl A. Romero Web Graphic Development and Design Email:
Phone: (970) 295-5847
Sage Sheldon GIS Analyst Email:
Phone: (970) 295-5850
Matt Vernier Remote Sensing Analyst Email:
Phone: (970) 295-5816
Mark Zweifler Program Management Specialist Email:
Phone: (517) 917-4236