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Invasive Pest Risk Maps

European Oak Borer - Agrilus sulcicollis

The European oak borer - Agrilus sulcicollis (Lacordaire) is a potential threat to the oak forest in North America. Native to Europe the European Oak Borer was introduced to North America in Michingan and Ontario.

Sample Areas were developed using the Susceptibility Surface. A total of 1,000 sample areas were assigned to one of four risk categories. Relative certainties were assigned to each category in order to create increasing plot intensifications for increasing risk stratums.

Risk Maps (Contiguous US)
Map Type Map Methods GIS Grids
Introduction Potential Adobe Acrobat File 140KB Adobe Acrobat File 154KB Zip file 421KB
Establishment Potential Adobe Acrobat File 192KB Adobe Acrobat File 221KB Zip file 494KB
Susceptibility Potential Adobe Acrobat File 844KB Adobe Acrobat File 857KB Zip file 521KB
Survey Sample Area Adobe Acrobat File 870KB Adobe Acrobat File 881KB Zip file 1MB
Pest Risk Assessment Information:

Agrilus sulcicollis (Coleoptera: Buprestidae), a New Alien Species in North America (Website)
First Report of the European oak Borer in North America (Website)
North American Plant Protection Organization's Official Pest Report for Agrilus sulcicollis (Website)

Species characteristics, biology, identification:

Bug Guide Agrilus sulcicollis (Website)