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National Insect & Disease Risk Maps

FHAAST has completed the 2013 - 2027 National Insect and Disease Risk Map (2012 NIDRM); a nationwide strategic assessment and database of the potential hazard for tree mortality due to major forest insects and diseases. The goal of NIDRM is to summarize landscape-level patterns of potential insect and disease activity, consistent with the philosophy that science-based, transparent methods should be used to allocate pest-management resources across geographic regions and individual pest distributions. In other words: prioritize investment for areas where both hazard is significant and effective treatment can be efficiently implemented.

NIDRM data can be used to:

  • Identify the potential impacts of pests and pathogens to forest ecosystems throughout the US for the 2013 - 2027 timeframe.
  • Generate forest pest and pathogen risk maps at a scale useful for resource planning and management purposes in many of our National Forests, National Parks, and other local units.
  • Develop an effective strategic planning tool that can inform assessments of natural ecosystems and ensure resources for forest pest prevention, suppression, and restoration reaches the highest priority areas.
  • Detect areas where hazardous fuels treatments coincide with lands at risk for forest pest activity, much of which is density driven. Efficiencies will be gained by prioritizing coincident areas.

For a quick overview of the 2013 – 2027 assessment and to learn more information on the differences between the 2006 and 2012 NIDRMs download the executive summary (2 MB PDF).

2012 National Insect & Disease Risk Map Report

NIDRM Report and Other Supporting Documents
Executive Summary (2 MB PDF)
Full Report (Print Ready) (51 MB PDF)
Full Report (Spread) (51 MB PDF)
Report-Only (Spread) (18 MB PDF)
Atlas-only (Spread) (36 MB PDF)
Composite Map Poster (2' x 3') (10.5 MB PDF)
Subwatersheds Map Poster (2' x 3') (10.8 MB PDF)
Composite Map (8.5" x 11") (3.1 MB PDF)
Subwatersheds Map (8.5" x 11") (3.8 MB PDF)
Key References
NIDRM 2006 Report (20 MB PDF)
Multi-Criteria Framework for Producing Local, Regional, and National Insect and Disease Risk Maps (978 KB PDF)
Presentation to the U.S. Forest Service Regional Foresters - January 2014 (25 MB PPT)

GIS Data for the 2012 National Insect & Disease Risk Map Report

Data includes:

  • Zip files with downloadable GIS raster data (ArcINFO GRID format)
  • Information on how to access NIDRM map and image services
  • Downloadable tabular summaries (MS Excel format)

Within each zip file* is an ArcINFO workspace that includes the relevant raster data (GRID format), a README file that explains the file naming conventions, and layer files for default symbolization. Each raster dataset includes embedded metadata. The Data Dictionary describes these datasets.

*Please keep your web browser window open and allow extra time when downloading large zip files.

GIS Data Downloads
Contiguous US Preview ZIP
Hazard by agent-Eastern pests Microsoft Excel File 32 KB Zip file 295 MB
Hazard by agent-Western pests Microsoft Excel File 32 KB Zip file 213 MB
Hazard by agent - Pests that span L48 Microsoft Excel File 32 KB Zip file 140 MB
Composite hazard from all pests Microsoft Excel File 13 KB Zip file 97 MB
Hazard by host tree species Microsoft Excel File 36 KB Zip file 181 MB
Treed area, Total basal area Microsoft Excel File 13 KB Zip file 87 MB
Alaska Preview ZIP
All NIDRM GIS raster datasets Microsoft Excel File 50 KB Zip file 68 MB
Hawaii Preview ZIP
All NIDRM GIS raster datasets Microsoft Excel File 25 KB Zip file 8 MB

Map and Image Services

Map services provide ready to use map layers with fixed symbology while image services provide a wider range of flexibility such as data download and customizable symbology. For an overview of these map and image services including instructions for their access please download the Map & Image Services Intro/Overview file.

Tabular Data Downloads

186 individual forest pest : individual tree species host models were created by forest health experts to build the 2013- 2027 NIDRM outputs. For details on how each of these 186 models were parameterized please download the 2013-2027 NIDRM Model Details workbook.

Excel workbooks that summarize NIDRM 2013 – 2027 outputs by National Forests and National Parks: National Forest Summaries and National Park Summaries

Watershed Summaries

The following downloads are ArcGIS 10.1 file geodatabases that summarize NIDRM 2013-2027 outputs by 6th level (12-digit) Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) watersheds. The geodatabase tables summarize composite hazard, as well as breakouts by individual insect or disease and by host tree species that can be joined to the included 6th level HUC watershed polygons Note: This summary is based on a 2010 version of the 6th level HUC watershed dataset and tables will not properly join to more recent 6th level HUC versions.

Watershed Summaries
Contiguous US Preview ZIP
Geodatabase with HUC 12 polygons Microsoft Excel File 55 KB Zip file 592 MB
Alaska Preview ZIP
Geodatabase with HUC 12 polygons Microsoft Excel File 54 KB Zip file 65 MB
Hawaii Preview ZIP
Geodatabase with HUC 12 polygons Microsoft Excel File 32 KB Zip file 1.3 MB
NFS Subwatersheds Microsoft Word File 14 KB Microsoft Excel File 3 MB