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Digital Mobile Sketch Mapping

DMSM is tablet hardware, software, and back end data support processes (ArcGIS Desktop Tools) that allow trained aerial surveyors, in light aircraft, and ground observers to record forest disturbances and their causal agents. DMSM replaces the legacy Digital Aerial Sketch Mapping (DASM) and will greatly enhance the quality and quantity of forest health data while improving safety by leveraging remote sensing to monitor disturbances.

Code Lists and Notes XLSX PDF
Damage Type List Microsoft Excel File 23KB  
Host List Microsoft Excel File 230KB  
Damage Causing Agent (DCA) List for DMSM Microsoft Excel File 125KB  
DCA Additions and Revision Notes for DMSM Microsoft Excel File 44KB  
DCA Change Request Form - Updates and changes to codes due by March 15th for inclusion into DMSM and the up coming field season   Adobe Acrobat File1MB
DMSM Tablet Manual ver. 2.1   Adobe Acrobat File 3MB
DMSM Desktop Tools Manual ver. 1.0.8   Adobe Acrobat File 2MB
DMSM How to Create a Tile Package (TPK)   Adobe Acrobat File 1.7MB
Instructions for Enhancing Zoom Scales in DMSM Adobe Acrobat File520KB  
DMSM Updates to Forest Health Survey   Adobe Acrobat File 677KB
DMSM 2019 Enhancements   Adobe Acrobat File 1.8MB
DMSM Making the Defoliation Call   Adobe Acrobat File 524KB
DMSM Equipment Specs and Recommendations 2021   Adobe Acrobat File 705KB
DMSM Setting Up a Samsung Galaxy Tab   Adobe Acrobat File 1MB
DMSM ForWarn II – Mission Planning for Forest Health Surveys using ForWarn II Data in ArcPro   Adobe Acrobat File 3.8MB
DMSM ForWarn II – Mission Planning for Forest Health Surveys using ForWarn II Data in ArcMap   Adobe Acrobat File 1.5MB
DMSM Tutorial DMSM Tutorial web  
DATA ANALYSIS Documentation zip PDF
Procedure for Crosswalking TPA and Percent Affected   Adobe Acrobat File2.3MB
Procedure for Crosswalking TPA and Percent Affected (Includes example dataset) Adobe Acrobat File38MB  
DMSM Forum DMSM Forum web  
List of Reported DMSM Bugs & Fixes Microsoft Excel File 30KB  
DMSM Forum Instructions   Adobe Acrobat File 350KB
DMSM Support Plan   Adobe Acrobat File 783KB
FHP Remote Sensing Resources and Base Imagery   PDF
Available Imagery Resources for FHP Image Interpretation and use with Scoot and Sketch   Adobe Acrobat File 870KB
Pan and Sketch Digitizing with DTT   PDF
Alternatives to ADS: DTT with Pan and Sketch   Adobe Acrobat File 6MB
Template for submitting non-DMSM Insect & Disease surveys to national database Zip File620KB