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Forest Products Measurement

The Forest Products Measurements group coordinates biometric activities for the National Forests throughout the nation. Our primary responsibilities are for cruising, scaling, volume estimation and spatial information/area determination supporting the Forest Service’s Forest Product Sales program. We provide technical support for cruising, scaling, and volume estimation equations, processes, and software. You may use the resources available on this website, call us or contact us by e-mail.

  • Timber Cruising
    Documentation, training, and software to assist designing, collecting, and processing timber cruise data.
  • Log Scaling
    Documentation, training, and software to assist collecting and processing log scale data.
  • Volume Estimation
    Documentation, procedures, software to develop and validate the National Volume Estimator Library (NVEL) models.
  • Biomass Volume Estimation
    Documentation, tools and software for using and developing the National Biomass Estimator Library (NBEL).
  • Geospatial
    Documentation, tools, and software for surveying and mapping in conjunction with forest products measurement.
  • Additional Tools
    Additional software tools have been developed to assist with sampling and timber theft issues.
  • Handbooks and Guides
    Supporting documentation for cruising, scaling, volume estimation, and area determination.
  • Support
    Contact us with your questions or problems regarding our products or forest products measurement.
  • Training
    Forest Products Measurement training resources.
  • Timber Tips
    Timber management ideas of interest and success stories.

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