Title: Development of initial Wildland Fire Use documentation for Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge.

Abstract: The Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge manages ecosystems that depend on fire for their maintenance. Fire is abundant in and adjacent to the refuge where lightning and human ignitions can rapidly spread in grass and shrub fuels. Farm and ranch land which would be adversely impacted by fire, pose a significant logistical challenge to fire management, and wildland fire use in particular. The refuge desires to begin planning for wildland fire use. Laurie Kurth will serve as a Long-term Analyst (LTAN) with a small planning team led by Bill Clark, retired Wildland Fire Use Incident Commander, that will develop an initial Wildland Fire Use Implementation Plan.

Completed: April 2007

Report completed: Report authors include Bill Clark (IC), Doug Stephen (GIS Specialist), Pat Stephen (Long-term Fire Behavior Analyst, Laurie Kurth (Long-term Fire Behavior Analyst), and Ken Kerr (Fire Management Officer).

Click here for copy of report (pdf 5.7 Mb)

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