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McCall Rookie ClassSmokejumper trainees must demonstrate a high level of proficiency in the various aspects of parachute jumping and other smokejumper-related tasks which are taught during an intensive training period. These tasks include:

1. Aircraft exiting procedures
2. Parachute manuevering and emergency procedures
3. Parachute landing rolls
4. Timber let down procedures
5. Parachute and cargo retrieval
6. Tree Climbing
7. Fire Line Operations and Management

Smokejumper during Annual Refresher training practicing a landing rollSmokejumpers during Refresher Training practicing their exits on the towerFifteen training jumps areconducted during the training period, beginning with jumps into the most simple terrain and progressing into more difficult terrain. Performance is continually evaluated during the training period and those persons unable to perform up to the standard of proficiency required will be terminated from the program and placed in another job, if available. These performance-based skills are essential for safely continuing in the program. Upon successful completion of training, the recruits will be placed on the jump list and made available for fire assignments.