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Image of the McCall Smokejumper logo. Work Assignments

After training is complete and during periods of fire inactivity, jumpers may be assigned to various work projects away from the base. These may include brush piling, prescribed burning projects, fuels management, pre-attack planning, timber stand improvement, construction and maintenance of facilities, or trail maintenance. Professional conduct on these projects is evaluated, along with performance on fire related activities.

As the fire season increases in intensity, a crew of appropriate size is held at the jump base for immediate response to fires. While waiting for fire dispatches, these jumpers are engaged in work around the base, such as parachute rigging and paracargo construction. Crews returning from fire assignments are placed at the bottom of a rotating jump list, while those who have worked their way to the top of the jump list become available for the next fire assignment.




Picking Cones on the Boise National Forest