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Redding IHC TrainingImage of the Redding Interagency Hotshot's logo.

The present concept for training is to present fire suppression, small unit leadership and instructor training in the classroom, fireline, and field settings.

The basic tenet of the Redding IHC Leadership Development Program is that the focus of all training will be at the small-unit (squad) level. All training will be conducted with some sort of stressor involved, i.e., time compression, physical exhaustion, sleep-deprivation, in front of peers, etc. Training will borrow from NWCG courses, military, corporate and other action-oriented organizations. This shall consist of emphasizing the following skill sets:

1. Observation / Recon

  • Field Observation
  • Time-Compressed Recon
  • Aerial Interpretation
  • Map Building / Cartography
  • Nighttime Observations
  • Fuel Conditions/Loading
  • Proper Lookout Location

2. Orientation

  • Topographic Interpretation
  • Field Observation
  • Navigation
  • GPS Use & Interpretation
  • Relay Coordinates

3. Decision Making

  • Recognition-Primed / Intuitive
  • Situational Awareness
  • Analytical
  • 70% Solution
  • Ethical/Moral Decisions
  • Sleep/Food Deprivation

4. Communication

  • Leader’s Intent
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Technical (Radio) Operations
  • Public Speaking
  • Media Relations
  • Spousal Relations

5. Technical Proficiency

  • Saw Operations
  • Tool Use
  • Firing Operations
  • Radio Programming
  • GPS Programming
  • Line Location
  • Weather Observations
  • Urban Interface Ops
  • Computer Use

6. Training & Simulations

  • STEX / TDGs
  • Staff Rides
  • Simulations
  • OTJ Training / Taskbooks
  • Professional Reading
  • Pre-planning / Initial Attack Recon

7. Administrative Knowledge

  • IHC / Redding Hotshot Pride & History
  • Introduction to Fire & Aviation Management Policies / Concepts
  • Per-Diem / Travel Regulations
  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment / EEO / Civil Rights
  • Hiring & Recruitment

Interagency Hotshot Crew Mobilization is another aspect we spend a significant amount of time on, this provides the skills required to develop and mobilize a Category 1 Interagency Hotshot Crew. Emphasis is placed on crew organization, safety, physical fitness, team building, conduct, presuppression readiness, transportation, and fireline equipment orientation.

The actual training provided each year is dependent upon time available and individual crew needs.

The location of the crew at the Northern California Service Center in Redding facilitates the accomplishment of the program's concept and goal. The North Zone Training Center offers one 7-person and two 25-person dormitories, three fully equipped classrooms, and a simulation projection/classroom complex. In addition, NCSC is located at the Redding Municipal Airport and is within easy driving distance of many highly qualified instructors.

For more information on the Redding IHC, email Dan Mallia