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Idaho Panhandle Interagency Hotshot Crew

Carrying on a proud tradition

Originally comprised of 25 men, today's Idaho Panhandle Interagency Hotshot Crew is a culturally diverse blend of 20-24 men and women. The crew maintains the same high standard of performance that has traditionally been associated with the St. Joe Hotshots.

For years, the crew was supervised by a crew boss andAn Idaho Panhandle Hotshot standing in front of a forest on fire. three squad bosses. In 1990, a foreman position was added to the crew structure. The current configuration of a permanent full-time superintendent, a permanent full-time assistant superintendent, three 13/13 squad leaders, and four 13/13 senior firefighters has not only strengthened the crew from the standpoint of supervision and safety, but has also provided a better career ladder for those who are interested in progressing to other positions in the Forest Service's fire organization.



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